Sen. Les Bock: 'I support my president, I support Obamacare'

In opening a plant in Jerome, Specialty Sales from California may be in line for a $175,000 grant from the state of Idaho to construct a rail spur.



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  1. Charles Dinegar

    Mr Bock, respectfully, I think you are a complete idiot. That person in the White Hoiuse MAY be YOUR “president”… and of what I do not know. Because that “person in the Oval Office” most assuredly is not MY PRESIDENT. Your STATE is Idaho, and this is what you shouldf be standing for. Not some imposter 2,000 miles away. We are HERE, and so are YOU. You need votes. What makes you think that once the amazing deficiencies in this “program” are finally understood that you will receive any such votes? WE THE PEOPLE will speak. And I suspect that when we are finished having OUR say, you and a lot of other politicians who voted for the “obamacare initiative” will no longer be in office.




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