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Our team of reporters believes that accurate, fair and complete coverage of government is essential for the development of sound public policy and an informed citizenry.Additionally, we believe that too often, the legacy news media merely serve as surrogates for statism and for big government solutions by failing to ask basic questions that should be part of all debates on public policy ideas:

  • Is it the proper role of government?
  • Does it restrict freedom, expand government, limit economic opportunity or transfer wealth from one class of people to another?
  • Are there private sector solutions to the problem being debated by the government?
  • Is there evidence that the government solution will actually work, or are we merely assuming that because government is proposing a solution, it will work?
  • Do current programs do what they promised they would do? Is money being spent properly?
  • Are our politicians being consistent, accurate and honest in their handling of public policy matters and in the offices entrusted to them?

We ask questions that few others are willing to ask, because we are not afraid to say, openly and honestly, “we believe in excellence in journalism” and “we believe in free markets.”

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