One state lawmaker wants to bring Arizona’s new illegal immigration laws that have sparked a federal lawsuit north to Idaho.  Rep. Bob Nonini, R-Coeur d’Alene, is working with other north Idaho lawmakers on adapting the Arizona laws to Idaho.

“It’s pretty much the Arizona bill that’s raised all this controversy, but I think it’s a good bill obviously,” Nonini told  “If the federal government isn’t going to go out and enforce their own policies, as they’re not in Arizona, then the states sure need to defend their borders.”

The proposed laws would allow police to check the citizenship of anyone they think might be in the country illegally if they have been detained for another possible offense.  The legislation also allows citizens to sue cities and counties for not enforcing federal immigration laws.

Nonini said that while Idaho doesn’t border Mexico like Idaho, there could be border issues with Canada.  “We don’t have the drug cartels pouring in across our southern border like Arizona has, but our northern border does border a foreign country,” he said. “There have been documented cases of Chinese women smuggling through our northern border for prostitution reasons.”

“I think it’s a popular thing,” Nonini said about Arizona’s law.  “I think it’s the right thing to do.  We want to protect our state, just like Arizona wants to protect their state.”

Arizona’s law isn’t universally popular.  The U.S. Department of Justice is suing Arizona over its illegal immigration law.  Idaho’s congressional delegation has opposed that lawsuit.  In Idaho, there have been protests against Arizona’s law, with groups like the American Civil Liberties Union and the Idaho Community Action Network opposing it.

The Idaho Republican Party passed a resolution during its state convention last month endorsing Arizona’s law, but rejected a similar plan urging lawmakers to adopt a similar measure.

Nonini said he’s working on the legislation with two other north Idaho Republicans, Rep. Eric Anderson of Priest Lake and Rep. Frank Henderson of Post Falls.  “We’ve got to spend the next few months trying to find that support amongst our House colleagues,” Nonini said.  “That’s why I’ve got it drafted in July, so we can shop this thing out and see if we can find enough support.”

Several anti-illegal immigration plans stalled in the Idaho Legislature without getting to a full vote earlier this year.  Nonini said his imported version of Arizona’s law could succeed where those failed because it doesn’t include the E-Verify program, which is designed to help employers check the status of their workers.

Nonini said he’s gotten a draft of his Idaho version of Arizona’s law from the Legislative Services Office, which helps legislators write potential laws.  He said it sticks close to Arizona’s law, though changes could come before lawmakers reconvene in January.  Anderson, and Henderson are unopposed in the November election, while Nonini faces a Democratic challenger.

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  2. Be very careful that this is not a means of implementing more government-control(NationID, computer networks, etc.) under the cause of combating illegal immigration.

    How is a person supposed to live anonymously in this country anymore? ID for this..ID for that. Social Security numbers, etc.. Video cameras everywhere…

    BTW, Who’s idea was it to put those video-cameras on the poles along highway 95?? Hm?


  3. I love the fact that so many states are going to run and pass things like this. The Feds will sue, the states will have to pay to defend those lawsuits taking even more money out of social services to do so.

    That’s where we come in! We can then send more federal money to the states with even more strings attached. Our plan for running the states dry of funds so that they will each become more dependent on the Feds is working!

    You are all idiots.

    But you are OUR idiots!


  4. “I think it’s a popular thing,” Nonini said about Arizona’s law. Nonini

    “jackass” was a popular tv show, but only an idiot would copy it.

  5. Nonini is NOT UNOPPOSED!! I am on the ballot as the Democrat opposing him in the November general election! It is not surprising to see him coming up with this goofy idea. He is prone to jump on anything he thinks will l make him look good to the “goofy segment” of the population.
    The state is in serious financial trouble, and he is wasting Legislative Services Office time for this grandstanding effort.

    Anyone wanting to contact me is welcome to email me at

  6. Get it done BOB! We need AZ immigration law here in ID.

  7. If Nonini’s efforts as chair of the House Education Committee were to continue, we would develop a group of young citizens to take the jobs those “illegal aliens” would normally fill. Maybe that is his diabolical plan!!!

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  10. who would harvest our fields, who would plant our patatos, who would work in the factories no citizen wants to work at. These Illegal alliens you people call them work for the things we hate doing. i mean who hates hoeing beats everyone dose. these illegal work harder than the own farmers and their rich kids. Idaho would be screwed if all this would to be official. i also think farmers would definatly would not let this happen.

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