Before speaking at the Idaho Democratic Party’s convention at the Coeur d’Alene Casino Saturday, Keith Allred, slated to face Republican Gov. Butch Otter in November, clarified his position on Idaho’s right-to-work law.  Allred came under fire Friday from members of Republican leadership of the Idaho House of Representatives, who suggested that Allred might be a “DINO,” or Democrat in name only.  Allred told that though he has spoken with labor leaders, he has made no commitments concerning right-to-work.

In an interview with Saturday, Allred initially refused to clarify his feeling toward right-to-work, but said that he has made no promises to labor leaders about the law.  He said that during his talks with labor representatives, he has told them that only ideas that can garner broad support from Idaho’s citizens and Legislature would be ideas he would pursue if elected governor.  “I have made no commitment to repeal right-to-work and labor leaders have not asked for that,” he said.  When asked about his personal feelings about it, Allred said “I don’t think the governor’s platform is a place to advance personal feelings. I think it is a place to figure out what is in the interests of everyday Idahoans.”

Republican Assistant Majority Leader Scott Bedke, R-Oakley, called on Allred Friday to clarify his positions on unions and right-to-work at the convention this weekend.  “It’s time for him to come clean with Idaho voters,” Bedke said.  Bedke was joined in that call by Speaker of the House Lawerence Denney, R-Midvale, and House Majority Leader Mike Moyle, R-Star.

Denney claimed Allred is avoiding the issue.  “It’s no surprise that Allred hasn’t taken a stand on an issue that’s so critical to our economic recovery and prosperity,” Denney said.  “It’s clear that he and the Democrats are ducking this issue.”

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Dustin Hurst serves as the Communication Director for the Idaho Freedom Foundation. He graduated from Boise State in 2009. His work has been featured by Fox News, Townhall, Public Sector Inc., the Daily Caller, Reason, Human Events, the Spokesman Review and more. He and his wonderful wife Julia have two cute kids. The family resides in Middleton.


  1. “I don’t think the governor’s platform is a place to advance personal feelings. I think it is a place to figure out what is in the interests of everyday Idahoans.”–Keith Allred

    WOW! Someone running for political office who understands that the job of an elected official is to represent THE PEOPLE, not push a personal agenda, or pay back cronies! that would be a breath of fresh air in Idaho.

  2. Aren’t you glad IR reported that quote?

  3. I’m not sure I understand Denney’s point about “an issue that’s so critical to our economic recovery and prosperity.” It’s critical that we maintain the status quo and hope for different results? Or it’s critical that he make some hay by reviving a pretty much dead issue in hopes of sowing some contention between Democrats?

    Either way, a relatively pathetic political stunt that Allred seems to have parried pretty well.

  4. I can’t believe anyone in Idaho is buying Allred’s load of garbage. He is another Barak Obama who knows how to charm voters with lies and false promises. He is also very skilled at doing the side-step when he knows his true position would be highly unpopular with voters. You don’t think he will repeal “right-to-work”? Well, consider the fact that a significant chunk of his campaign donations are coming from unions…Allred IS a Union Man. So, believe me when I say that if he is elected, he will do whatever the unions want and repealing right-to-work will undoubtedly be on his agenda.

    Now let me tell you why this is a critical issue for Idaho…

    I lived and worked in Oregon for 10 years and there is no protective right-to-work legislation in that state. Because the jobs I had were classified as “union jobs”, even though I did not join or support the unions, I was still required to pay “fair share” dues. The dues were automatically siphoned out of each and every one of my paychecks and it was not a minor amount they were taking. There was absolutely nothing I could do about it, since most of the jobs there were considered union jobs.

    THAT is what Mr. Denney means when he says this issue is “critical to our economic recovery and prosperity”. If fair share union dues start coming out of Idahoan’s paychecks, do you honestly think people are going to be buying much and putting money back into our economy? Of course not! They will save whatever is left over and Idaho’s economy will plummet.

    So, instead of believing whatever Allred SAYS, do some research and find out what he really IS…a disgustingly arrogant, mean-spirited, chronic liar. Allred is another Obama.

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