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Outfitters can harvest five more wolves

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The Idaho wolf hunting season ended March 31, but four backcountry outfitters in the Panhandle have the opportunity to harvest five more wolves each.  The Idaho Department of Fish and Game (IDFG) announced Friday that the wolf control hunt will last until the end of June.

The move comes as IDFG cites concerns that elk herds in the area aren’t recovering as well as hoped, and wolf predation is believed to be a factor.  Black bears and mountain lions are other predators active in the Lolo zone; those outfitters selected by IDFG to receive the wolf tags are already actively participating in the spring bear season, which runs through June 30.

Hunters are not eligible for the wolf control hunt.
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Four Panhandle outfitters cleared to continue wolf hunt, Four Panhandle outfitters cleared to continue wolf hunt, Four Panhandle outfitters cleared to continue wolf hunt, Four Panhandle outfitters cleared to continue wolf hunt, Four Panhandle outfitters cleared to continue wolf hunt
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  2. goodreader

    Only a gutless reporter and a stupid publication would white-wash killing wolves with the word “harvest.”

  3. Annie Rivera

    Why doesn’t the IDFG look at what are all the possible reasons that the Elk population is low. Through evidenced based research wolves hunt the weak and the sick. Wolves are successful far less than their attempts at hunting healthy animals. I feel this is an excuse for more hunting of an animal that is detrimential to the ecology of the environment. The human population is far exceeding the threshold of what is sustainable…we are too blame.

  4. Hfriedman

    Here humans have drastically altered and continue to alter the environment. As we continue to play Dr. Frankenstein on Earth, we see the mounting extinctions. Species purification will eventually lead to huge problems for us.
    I think we need to have ranchers include losses of their herds into their balance sheets. As for wolves and other predators, humans kill the best of the species and damage future stock to their kills, where wolves have never been the cause of any extinctions. Ironically, for those who say wolves kill humans, what about humans with guns and bombs, earthquakes, driving in vehicles, tsunamis, or old age. Death is always a part of the equation. Before we kill off the wolves, lets stop earthquakes or stop driving.

  5. Sharon Hunt

    There will never again be a balance in nature be it with wolves and elk or any other wildlife as long as the hunters and ranchers have purchased the lobbyist and judges votes and therfore control the laws and rules.

  6. Rita Peterson

    Hunters cause more damage to the ecology than wolves who support the eco-system. If hunters don’t eat the animals they kill, then they should not be able to hunt them for pure sport. Long ago people hunted to feed their families. Sport hunting should be outlawed. Too bad humans don’t realize this before we lose our animal heritage altogether. Read about wolves, learn how they live, hunt and breed. You will no longer fear the “BIG BAD WOLF” !

  7. Robert Goldman

    When will the supposed hunters in the Rockies stop acting like hysterical school girls when it comes to wolves? Wolves were here on this land before us. They are a vital part of America and this continent. Why were the Native Americans able to live with many thousands of wolves all around and they respected them? When will you respect nature and respect the wolf? To continue to demonize and persecute wolves is so incredibly immature, cruel and obscene. I lived and worked in Yellowstone for awhile and lived in a tent in Alaska for awhile and worked up there. Do not dismiss me as a flatlander who knows nothing. I live in a rural state. I love and respect wildlife, including wolves, and trust the wisdom of nature. When will you? This summer, I will finally return to Yellowstone and will not set one foot in Idaho and will not visit that state again, until you stop your vicious and bestial hatred and killing of wolves.

  8. Derien Lucas

    I am overcome with sadness as I read about all this killing going on and I can’t wrap my head around how anyone could possibly want to kill such a regal, majestic creature. We humans should be more responsible in doing our part in keeping things balanced out in our world …yet we continue to destroy our beautiful planet along with all the beautiful plants and animals we were blessed enough to have given us !!!!! Wake up people!! In the end it is the human race who will pay the ultimate price if we don’t all make a much much better effort to take care of our planet and everything else that shares it with us….

  9. Derien Lucas

    ….look at the population of humans…..way too many!!!!maybe the wolves should start killing off the human race…think about that for a minute!!!!!

  10. Jeanne Chick

    Really people “Little Red Riding Hood” was just a fairy tale & can be traced back to 1697. The moral of the story was that young children should not talk to strangers. The story was not written so a bunch of insecure,ignorant so called Outfitters/Hunters/Murderous Morons. Here is a quote that explains it all:
    “If you talk to the animals they will talk with you
    and you will know each other. If you do not talk to them
    you will not know them, and what you do not know
    you will fear. What one fears one destroys.”
    — Chief Dan George

  11. Jeanne Chick

    Really people “Little Red Riding Hood” was just a fairy tale & can be traced back to 1697. The moral of the story was that young children should not talk to strangers. The story was not written so a bunch of insecure,ignorant so called Outfitters/Hunters/Murderous Morons could feel good about killing a innocent animal. Here is a quote that explains it all:
    “If you talk to the animals they will talk with you
    and you will know each other. If you do not talk to them
    you will not know them, and what you do not know
    you will fear. What one fears one destroys.”
    — Chief Dan George

  12. Lisa Benner

    I think the idiots that are killing all these beautiful animals are the lowest lifeforms on the planet. Wolves are the most beautiful wild animals. If it would be up to me I would hunt the ones that hunt the wolves and throw them in prison. I just wish I had a very large amount of money that I could have hundreds of acres to save the wolves because believe me I would do it.


  13. Jason Rainbird

    Patriotism, how can anyone who hunts and kills the animals of their country call themselves a patriot? Our animals, no matter what country you may come from, are an important part of who we are as a nation. When you see a lion you think Africa, when you see a koala you think Australia and now when you see a wolf you think of the gutless cowards who hunt them.

  14. Richard Daniel

    The only thing that the morons in Idaho understand is money. So boycott Idaho. That includes tourism and products produced there. Why should we spend our money in a state where there is such hated for the wolf.

  15. Freedom2010

    Funny reading the comment section here from people with no education how nature works. Just a bunch of fairy tales the wolves are not needed in the eco system.
    Fact one wolves are sports killing the elk and der. Killing and leaving to rot for the fun of it.
    Fact the so called experts LIED about the all the humans killed in North America I found over 100 people killed in the historical record.
    After 15 years of lies misinformation and fairy tales the people who actually live with the wolves killing their dogs stalking their children and witness the great herds of deer elk being wipe out have had enough of the lies.
    Anti American human hating cult members should practice what they preach too many people in the world remove yourself from the gene pool.

  16. mary

    like i have said before why not catch the them and fix them so the wolf population comes down there nothing but a dog so if a vet would voluntered there time you could trap a few females but not fix them all but a few so there is less puppys but nobody thinks about that we get told all the time to fix are animals lets do the same for the ones out there less wolf less hunting

  17. meleagris

    The lions share of fish and wildlife conservation dollars comes from the sale of licenses to hunters and other sportsmen. It is those dollars that paid for the reintroducion of wolves into their historical home ranges including Idaho and Montana. In 2006 hunters alone spent in excess of 570 million dollars in the states of Idaho and Montana. A portion of this total was for licenses, tags, and permits to support wildlife conservation. How much did you spend to support wildlife conservation?

  18. cbfairfax

    I grew up in Twin Falls before going off to college, serving my country both on active duty and as a military spouse, lived all over the United States and overseas, and was always proud of my Idaho heritage – until the last 10 years. I have been sadly disappointed and disgusted to read about Idaho officials passing barbaric, unscientific, unsubstantiated, greedy legislation. This is a case in point. I do not understand how murdering 75% of the wolf population does anyone good. This is truly a “Chicken Little” tale and points to unenlightened thinking and acting. “Wild West” days are thankfully gone but Idaho seems to have gone back to some neanderthal, primeval, knee-jerk behavior. The rest of the country is watching and Idaho has one more self-inflicted black mark against it. It’s time to come out of the dark ages, Idaho, and join the civilized United States. Become a state we can all be proud of once again instead of one I am ashamed to claim.

  19. Anja E. Ahlsen

    I can remember when we introduced the wolf back into the Yellowstone territory – and it would be a tragedy to see all that work destroyed. Every year, since the first year, man has killed wolves just for the shear enjoyment. I liked what Ms. Chick’s attached quote from Chief George – “what you do not know you will fear. What one fears one destroys”. May God forgive those that murder His innocent beasts” if not – bring wrath on these hunters souls (which I’m sure they don’t have)

  20. TinaWhite

    How could any decent person with a heart go and slaughter the most amazing creature on this great green earth of ours? Well cetainly not the hypacritical fools. Let me take them out hunting. Let’s see how they feel running from the sound of gunfire, while trying to protect their young ones. Nah, that would be too simple. And who the heck is this idiot who says, “harvest” WTF!!!! Wolves aren’t wheat or grain…..they are wonderful, beautiful, and simply magical creatures of GOD and of the Native communities. Leave them alone. You as worthless pipas are the reason for the wolves trying to find food. With all of your taking of lands and building useless properties and malls. You are the ones destroying this land. Kill whatever gets in your way, right? What you cannot have, you take. You make me sick. I am Native and I have had the pleasure of being around a wolf or two in my life, and they are amazing. You fear what you do not understand or know. I feel sad for you who kill for no reason.

  21. Val S.

    Man thinks it’s fun to kill any thing, that doesn’t have a gun too. Killing the animals is not part of what life is all about. They want to live just as we do. Just because they are hungry, is there a law? That,they can’t look for food as we would do too, if we needed to eat to live? I can’t under stand why man has to kill everything. Can’t they just let anything be left alone?

  22. Kent Reilly

    Where do you people come from??
    What about the Deer, Elk and Moose that are being systematically wiped out. Eaten alive ripped apart. These Wolves need to be controlled and managed so we don’t loose these majestic animals.
    Wolves have destroyed the Elk and Moose populations in and around Yellowstone.
    This herd was once 20,000 as recently as 1995, now the herd has dropped to 6,000.
    You people who sit behind your big screen television set in the middle the big cities watching these tear jerking documentaries about Wolves have absolutely no clue!
    This is an apex predator that has no enemies in the wild it is nothing like you pet dog.
    Despite what you have been told this animal does not just kill the weak and sick. And kills for sport not just for food.
    You people are the ones to blame for the loss of more wildlife then hunters and I guarantee that we care a lot more.

  23. mbarto

    Excuse me?! The elks? Moose? Wolves aren’t the only ones hunting those animals! People are killing wolves,elks, moose! Jst for the fun of it!!! Its sad to c those sick disgusting ppl kill all these precious animals. All those animals can’t speak for themselves, I think we should all stand up for them

  24. Jason Rainbird

    To the moron who calls himself freedom2010, before you comment on anyone’s education perhaps you should go back to school and learn how to speak English properly. Secondly I’ve spent a lot of time with wolves, abused wolves, whom have no reason what so ever to trust man. So I’ve had the privilege of seeing these animals for the truly amazing creatures they are. Also do yourself a favor don’t ever go to Africa, a continent with REAL predators, because clearly from reading your comment you have absolutely no balls. So lock yourself and your kids up in your house close the shutters because the evil big bad wolf is conspiring against you, god knows is clearly your intellectual superior!

  25. Tom Slavik

    Well said Jason! Idaho, Alaska, Montana and Wyoming are beautifully wild states run buy greedy, low life “individuals” who have no idea what an ecosystem might possibly be. Ignorance knows no bounds in these states.

  26. Tom Slavik

    And Kent….How about getting in your truck and drive off a cliff!!! And I suppose before your sorry ass was born and your ancestors migrated to North America, the elk, moose and other non predators were just lucky to survive long enough for you all to show up and save them…..for YOURSELF!

  27. Karen Allen

    I am sickened that this country would take part in killing off God’s creatures. We show we aren’t anymore humane than Japan killing all the dolphins or the whales. Why is killing the answer. We can sterilize females with shots but why kill wolves when there may be pups in the den waiting for their mother to come home. I agree these wolves prey on sick and injured animals as do most animals. We need to quit thinking killing animals is the answer and find a more humane solution. We shouldn’t be their jury and execution. Stand up and speak out!!

  28. Carolyn Palo

    How in the hell can you justify killing and animal that almost went extinct. Do you know that thousands of dollars was spent to save our wolves and release them WHERE THEY BELONG back into the wild. These are ALL AMERICAN PEOPLES WOLVES, they belong to us.

    Well I don’t like anyone killing MY ANIMALS. You have NO right to change America to suit your fancy WE THE PEOPLE WANT OUR WILDLIFE.
    We love our wolves. They have feelings, they love they mourn, the have personality, they are magnificent. And to end their lives is something only an evil heartless son of a …… would do.
    If you want to stamp out breathing animals go play a video game but for ALL AMERICANS SAKE SAVE OUR WOLVES!

  29. Carolyn Palo

    I dont think the outfitters have a soul, maybe its a sickness, a power trip, or maybe their own lives as so lacking that to hurt breathing animals gives them a feeling of superiority. Shame cause Jeffry Dommer and Michel Vick had that same sickness.

    And it is a sickness. Most mass murders started with the killing and torture of an animal. A Disregard for life is a very bad sign boys. Look it up physiology 1

  30. Carolyn Palo

    harvest? what the hell they aren’t wheat or corn.
    Come on call it by its name you are butchering, slandering, destroying, torturing, KILLING, causing pain and suffering, playing God, showing you mental instability with your abnormal need to kill. Which is the first sign of a physiological
    mental illness, but you are not harvesting. Face it, and get help
    stop, making the wolves bleed, and die, its ugly of you, your showing your dark side. You didn’t make these animals, you can’t….
    until you can let them be. Man should never kill what he doesnot need to eat to survive.
    They are so beloved by millions how can Idaho be so backwards a state, so out of touch, so primitive, so unworthy of a place to spend our vacation dollars, that they allow this? We are watching
    Idaho and I will never buy another of your potatoes if you allow this to continue. I promise you I am not alone.

    Carolyn Palo GreenPeace

  31. Freedom2010

    It is truly amazing to me the ignornat comments from the people supporting the wolves. By supporting wolves this is what you are allowing to happen to our wildlife all across America. I interviewed Preston Bates a Rancher who was forced out of business after losing $100,000.00 in livestock loses. Defenders of Wildlife refused to pay him for the lost of his livestock. Even though Defenders of Wildlife lied to the public and told them they would cover all livestock loses from the wolves.

    I will leave you with a quote from the book, “Mountain Men” by Vardis Fisher. On Page 35.

    “The Wild dogs family ate it victim alive, if the victims had the stoutness and pluck to keep breathing until the enemy’s hunger was appeased. Many a buffalo still walked the prairies that had had a wolf meal taken out of it. Depending on the strength of his hunger , or his mood, the wolf would rip and tear with it’s long sharp teeth, usually into the side or back, to get at the liver; and often it devoured all the tender flesh along the lower spine before it victim died. Or it might open a hole in the belly. If it had a taste for hams it might eat most the flesh off a hindquarter. Many a buffalo or elk calf or yearling survived the rendering of it flesh and the drinking of it blood , and lived as a cripple, hideously scared. ”

    Though the book was fiction the author had interviewed many Mountain men to write the story and with looking at the evidence it is clearly based on facts about wolves.

    You are supporting the destruction of wildlife. The wolves are not balancing nature but wiping it out this is documented fact. Wake up get off the computer and see for yourself.

  32. Freedom2010

    To Jason you uneducated coward. I post the fact that so called expert LIED to the American people about wolves being save around people. Exposing the fraud. You are an uneducated clearly anti human cult member refuses to open up your simpleton narrow mind to the facts wolves are NOT balancing nature but in fact wiping it out. I have spend more time in the wilderness then you have been alive saw first hand the destruction and deer herd wipe out in Michigan. So before you act like you have a clue because you work in some fence in area get out in the wild for change then maybe just maybe you might have a clue. For the rest of you supporting the wolves you are cruel vicious animal hating sicko/s You never see the destruction or the wound animal left alive or the 120 sport killed sheep in a single night nope you uneducated clueless cult members don’t care about that animal suffering making you all hypocrites.

  33. Rockholm

    It never ceases to amaze me, all of the wolf loving lunatics clapping their hands, and cheering about the immense loss of our elk herds.

    Their agenda? 1:Send out an email to all of their like minded kooks 2: create multiple accounts, and bash the story to death. 3: No matter what, make hunters look like demons. 4: start over again.

    I want to fill you all in on the truth. The simple fact, outfitters were given a few extra tag’s, in mute. The elk are gone from this region, and will never recover from the devastating effects of the Non Native Experimental Canadian Grey Wolf.Soon, the wolves will have destroyed every elk herd in the state, then move on to Washington, Colorado, Utah, Oregon.

    Lewis and Clark, and many other historical figures wrote at length on the topic of wolves. They wrote repeatedly, “where wolves were present, it was void of other animals”.

    The Canadian Grey wolf wiped out the remaining population of our Native wolf as well.

  34. Tom Slavik

    Let’s see. With a handle like freedom2010….you live in …let me guess, Idaho. Some very good points made on both sides. Seems to me that if you, Big Brother, see the need to keep the wolves at a proper population level, then one would think we could now use humane methods. Sterilization seems appropriate. Not for you, the Wolves. Personally, I believe the citizens of this great Country have rights..That’s why you will get into trouble if you get caught fouling the water.

  35. Freedom2010

    It is funny how immature and irrational people are. Ranchers being forced out of business and you people don’t care. Elk being slaughtered off some hamstring left to bleed for days on end suffering and you people talk about humane treatment of wolves. It take s certain kind of vile evil person to support the wolves and the destruction they do.

    I guess people just enjoy causing pain and suffering to all the 10,000 of thosands of animals by the wolves. Time to take off your rose color glasses and witness the truth of your mangy mutts as they slaughter off the wildlife in America. Maybe you people should care about the humane treatment of elk, turkey, geese, rabbits, deer and coyotes. But I guess it is better to support the greedy groups like Defenders of Wildlife as they fleece Multi millions of dollars off the gullible people that support them.

    A fool and his money is soon parted. That could not be more true then the people that send any money to the greedy self center evil people in Defenders of Wildlife.

  36. M. Jean

    My parents taught me to respect life and never to take more than I needed, or to be cruel. They taught me and my siblings to respect nature and marvel at her rather then to harvest
    ( kill )…. Harvest a misleading term to use for killing wolves who are highly social animals, devoted to thier young, intelligent, and do shy off from humans. The facts are domestic dogs have caused more fatalities than wolves in all history. This killing is just a ploy for those who enjoy the thrill of the hunt, the money it brings in, and the distorted facts by some who remain oblivious to peril our environment now faces. Even if a wolf culled out a deer, an elk… this still does not compare to what we do as a human species. Take a walk through your local cattle, pig, animal for consumption slaughter houses.. early in the am when the trucks arrive long before you get out of bed… then tell me how humane you think we are and count the number of heads severed, skinned carcasses while sometimes the animal is still writhing in pain…. Link to a reputable video source if you really want to know how humane and rational we are ranchers. Research the numbers….get your facts straight. Do a little research on wolves, not quite the predator or demon they’ve been made out to be.

  37. Cheryl

    It seems to be the way of the world that so many say they don’t like. But, if you fear it, kill it. Instead we should look into better ways to live with the diversity that God intended. We should have reverance for all life. Leave nature as it was intended. Please write an article about how we should learn to live with nature instead of surgar coating man’s greed by using terms such as harvest.

  38. Jason Rainbird

    Freedom2010? And I’m a coward? At least I use my name. Before I continue, let me ask you a few questions. Do you play the banjo? Do you have any front teeth? Does watching movies like wrong turn and deliverance make you feel homesick? I happen to be educated I’ve been to university, have you even been to school? And once again save yourself the humiliation and just stop sending in comments. You sound like an inbred hillbilly; you’re not even capable of speaking English coherently.
    I may have been around wolves in a,’fenced in’, environment but the wolves I was around were abused by depraved lunatics like yourself. This means they didn’t trust humans they weren’t tame. Hence the fences. Of coarse many of the wolves weren’t fenced in, and I still stand by the fact that they are amazing animals
    Clearly you have no idea of how predator/prey relationships work. You see real predators don’t have guns; they have claws and teeth those are their weapons. And yes it is terrible that these animals have to die this way, but that is nature. What do you think a bear does? Or a mountain lion?
    As for going out into the wilderness, I’ve spent many years in deepest darkest Africa. Where you have to lock up your pets so that they don’t get eaten. Where ostriches eat your washing, lions drink water from your pool, hyhenas drag you out of your tent while you sleep and golfers have to be careful not to get eaten on the golf course by leopards. Gutless simpletons like you don’t last five minutes in the African bush.
    P.S try going to the defenders of wildlife site, you might learn something.

  39. Jason Rainbird

    Name calling and bickering aside. As human beings we have lost so much already. When will it be enough? Should we exterminate everything that may be a threat or an inconvenience to us? Why then stop at wolves? Tigers and leopards kill people and they hunt for sport. Why stop at the predators? Elephants and hippos kill more people than lions do in Africa. the sad reality is that we have been at the top of the food chain for so long that we sometimes forget the fact that we’re apart of it. These animals are not being malicious they’re not evil they’re just following their instincts. I believe that it would be a great loss for mankind as a whole if we were to lose the wolves and this goes beyond just Idaho. America has some of the most beautiful wilderness in the world as well as some of the greatest animals including the wolf. Be proud of it! If you need to control wolf numbers do it humanly, sterilize, don’t just give anyone with a gun free reign to kill these animals indiscriminately.

  40. Celiene

    You all complain about your Elk – when you only care about the Elk to hunt them yourselves. If you are doing it for FOOD – great. That’s what Wolves do – hunt for FOOD. They don’t kill just to kill – and they only kill the weak and sick to cull the herd. They are infinetly smarter than man in that respect. But if you kill for sport – for trophys that is SICK and TWISTED.

    Wolves are better than many humans. They have families, and social structures – like humans. They are beautiful. They represent much of the wild that MAN has obliterated for his own pleasure. I loathe wolf killers.

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