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Made-in-Idaho gun bill heads to Gov. Butch Otter

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A bill that some have called "likely unconstitutional" was passed by both houses of the Idaho Legislature and now heads to the desk of Gov. Butch Otter for consideration.  The final approval came from the House after senators sent the legislation, which originated in the House, back with a few changes.  Representatives voted 53-15 to approve the legislation with the changes made by Senators.

The bill is sponsored by Rep. R.J. “Dick” Harwood, R-St. Maries, and Rep. Phil Hart, R-Athol, along with eight others.  Harwood told lawmakers that his bill is intentionally setting up a lawsuit with the federal government.  Harwood said the aim of the bill is to challenge precedence over who is allowed to regulate intrastate commerce in Idaho.

Five states, including Montana, which is leading the charge on this issue, have successfully passed similar bills.  The state of Alaska passed it through its House and it now resides in its Senate awaiting a hearing.  Harwood told lawmakers that 20 more states are considering comparable legislation.

The bill would prohibit the federal government from regulating guns in  Idaho. Under the provisions in the legislation, any firearm, firearm accessory, or ammunition manufactured in Idaho owned by a citizen living within the borders of the state would be exempt from federal authority.  All guns built in Idaho would be required to have a “Made in Idaho” tag engraved on a “central metallic part.”

The bill also contains a provision that allows the Constitutional Defense Council to use state funds to enter into litigation with the federal government should a challenge to the law arise. The state has set aside approximately $240,000 in that account.  Harwood said the money could also be used to shield private businesses from federal penalties that could result from the dispute between Idaho and the federal government.

The amendment approved by senators is designed to control potential costs of the bill.  The change would only allow the state to shield citizens or businesses in civil legal matters and not in criminal cases.  The amendment also makes minor changes dealing with screws and springs used in gun production that may be shipped in from out of state but are used to build guns in Idaho.

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Rep. Dick Harwood is the sponsor of the gun bill, Rep. Dick Harwood is the sponsor of the gun bill, Rep. Dick Harwood is the sponsor of the gun bill, Rep. Dick Harwood is the sponsor of the gun bill, Rep. Dick Harwood is the sponsor of the gun bill
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  2. Richard L. Taylor

    This bill is a must for our people in the Great State of Idaho,so that we may govern ourselfs as the REAL intent of the Constitution and the 10th Amentment thereof.
    Gov. Otter, you have some of the greatest and best people in your State, all we ask is that you don’t let us down, please do all that you can to see that this bill becomes law in our State.
    Rich Taylor

  3. N/A

    To Richard Taylor

    Are you completely delusional? Do you understand that if this law passes any gun made here in the great state of Idaho would not have to be registered. With that being said if a crime were to take place, i.e (i.e standing for example because I have a feeling that you are a non educated Idahoan), would never be able to be traced. No evidence of who owns the gun, where the gun came from and how many crimes that gun as been involved in. Does this make any sense do you? You’re probably about allowing any student or faculty member to carry a gun on college compasses too.