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House joins with Senate in opposing federal horse slaughter regulations

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Amid the flurry of bills being passed Monday at the close of the legislative session, the Idaho House joined with the Idaho Senate in approving a memorial, sponsored by Rep. Ken Andrus, R-Lava Hot Springs, opposing federal regulation of house slaughter.

The memorial comes as a preemptive move to pending legislation in the United State Congress.  Rep. John Conyers, D-Mich., has proposed legislation that would penalize anyone engaging in selling, trading, or any other action that would lead to human consumption of horses.  Though Conyers' bill has 180 co-sponsors, it has yet to make it out of committee.

Andrus told lawmakers that though they may not agree with horse slaughter, more federal regulations are not the way to go in managing horses.  He said that the Bureau of Land Management spends more than $25 million a year in managing wild horses, which Andrus said is a "problem."  According to Andrus, there are no horse processing plants in the U.S. after a court decision in 2007 ended the practice.  He urged lawmakers to support the memorial because he said that plants in the U.S. were better inspected than plants in Canada and Mexico, where horses are currently sent for processing.

The text of the memorial makes clear the intent of the Idaho Legislature, and what it would like Congress to do.  From the memorial:

... Congress is urged to oppose federal legislation that interferes with a state’s ability to direct the transport and processing of horses and is encouraged to discontinue language in the yearly appropriation bills which has effectively ended processing of horses in the United States ...

The memorial, already approved by the Senate, will now be sent to Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi,  Vice President Joe Biden, and members of Idaho's congressional delegation.

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The Idaho House opposed more federal regulations on horse slaughter, The Idaho House opposed more federal regulations on horse slaughter, The Idaho House opposed more federal regulations on horse slaughter, The Idaho House opposed more federal regulations on horse slaughter, The Idaho House opposed more federal regulations on horse slaughter
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  1. Valerie James-Patton

    It’s really shamefull when a lawmaker tells misleading information to other lawmakers in an attempt to sway opinions. The problem with BLM’s management of the wild horses isn’t the money they spend on the wild horse program, but it’s their removal of horses that should be left on the range, and a slaughter plant won’t solve that problem. Stating that plants in the US are better inspected than plants in Canada and Mexico where horses are currently sent to slaughter (not processing), has nothing to do with whether or not horse slaughter plants return to the US. What Ardus either didn’t research for his own information, or just omitted when he made his statement to lawmakers, is that all during the years the US facilities were operating, horses were still being exported to Canada and Mexico. Ardus is trying to make it sound like the return of the US facilities would stop their export, but that’s not true. Horses would still be exported for slaughter in Canada and Mexico just as they always have in the past.
    65,976 slaughtered in the US – 22,676 slaughtered in Canada – 4,114 slaughtered in Mexico
    94,037 slaughtered in the US – 21,370 slaughtered in Canada – 7,821 slaughtered in Mexico
    104,896 slaughtered in the US – 26,421 slaughtered in Canada – 11,080 slaughtered in Mexico
    29,761 slaughtered in the US – 46,828 slaughtered in Canada – 45,609 slaughtered in Mexico
    (Source: USDA)

  2. annette lennon

    we once owned land in pocatello near Boise. i am glad my family chose to remain in arizona where slaughter horse tripping and animal abuse is against the law.

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  4. Macy Hack

    Unless you work for the BLM dont speak on behalf of them! As a horse owner I hope to see the reopening of horse slaughter plants to not only bring the horse market back up and to relieve the stress that has been added to an already strained horse economy! Yes horses were being shipped accross the boarder when we had plants, but for some it was cheaper (if you live near those boarders) to ship your horses there! Apperently you don’t know what is envovled with shipping horses accross the boarder – it costs more! BRING HORSE SLAUGHTER BACK TO THE US!

  5. Buck Reeves

    We need horse slaughter plants back in this country. I ahve bee ni nthe horse business for 40 years and we need a floor price on horses. If we have slaughtrer horse plants back we will have a floor on them. What is more humane letting a horse starve to death or send him to a slaughter plant where he will be put down by humane means. All you people who dont want horses slaughtered if you will give me your address and puty a fence around your yard and when we all get a horse taht can no longer keep weight on or it costs too much in vet bills to save him then we will dump him off in your yard adn you can be arrested for neglece when you cant afford to pay all teh bills to feed and take care of him. The last time I looked I live in AMERICA and we still have freedom. If you don’t like horses processed then go hug a tree and you eat no meat of any kind. IF the ban is on horses for slaughter is upheld the nwaht is next cattle,sheep goats adn chickens!!! WAKE UP PEOPLE!!!! WE HAVE TO HAVE SLAUGHTER HORSE PLANT IMMEDIATELY!!!!!!!!

  6. Bill Carver

    Horse slaughter needs to be brought back. I agree there needs to be a floor price for horses and bringing back the horse market would do that. Junk horses (inferior horses, mean or deadly horses, etc.) are kept sometimes breed and the quality of average horses goes down. There is probably more abuse of horses now than before because they are underfed and lack medical attention (you can’t pay many vet. bills at $100 to $300 and sell horses at $100 for long)Also there are horses being released in our national parks and state parks because it is expensive to keep old horses.

  7. Amanda

    I say Bring back the horse slaughter facalitys. I have been a horse owner for many years also I ahve NO ISSUE with horse slaughter even for human consumption we in the USA EAT COW some people worship them so should we not eat cow? some Places sleep with there chickens I wouldnt do that but i also wont tell them not to. Neglect and abuse is going way up seized horses from spca’s is way up the econnomy is way down there is no market in the us anymore for horses heck witht he way the economy is going all the horse owners out there may end up eyeballing there pasture pets ( horses) for food. No one said the horsie lovers have to eat there horse or any horse just like i will eat clams but not bay scallops but if push came to shove I have a few thousand pounds of meat mowing my lawn. i was born and raised in america I am country girl I love my husband kids and pets but everyone does what they have to do and if eating horses was the way to go everyone would be doing that. Some of the people that are against this just may have travled out of thi counrty and had some horse without knowing it and probably think it was good. BRING BACK THE SLAUGHTER PLANTS

  8. Jimmy Cremer

    I can’t beleive what I am reading. You so called horse people are obviously not horse lovers in any way. You must love the abuse the very horse you may have owned, that may have to endure a grueling ending to their life, because you coulnd’t afford to take care of it any more. Yeah just send em to slaughter where the abuse begins either at the slaughterhouse or in transport where the trucks are packed so full they can’t stand up or they fall down because their so weak. You yellowbellied idiots where is your compassion!

  9. Linda Kay

    Jimmy i agree with you. When the dudes start talking ‘floor prices’ you know right away they are killer buyers.

    They are the lowest of low. I just passed an old dirty white run down truck with 6 or 7 old horses, some brown and a white one, and
    i know exactly where they are going. They are being taken to a
    place on Highway 36 to be fattened up then shipped to Mexico.

    What is old all of you so called country folks and pseudo horse lovers? And the lame excuse that what will be next, Cows, is absurd. Horses were never put on this earth to be placed on a plate.

    It is comments like good ol Buck and Bill and Amanda that show that they have an interest in the killing of horses for money.
    The line that they are old falls on deaf ears, i have hardly ever seen old ones, just sick ones too weak to hold their heads up. I would rather they die standing and starving on the land they have grown old on than at the mercy of a mexican with a rusty piece of metal to gouge a hole in the neck of his next victim to drain him of blood til he falls to the ground. It is barbaric, plain and simple.
    I cannot write enough letters to help pass that law.
    And let all the foreigners eat their own pets.

  10. Linda Kay

    I did not mean the horses were old i saw. The truck was old and run down, the horses were not old. Mostly young, but nevertheless not thoroughbreds. I mistyped old. Sorry about that.

    But not sorry that i feel the way i do. I owned horses growing up.
    There needs to be ways to keep horses from breeding. You cannot allow stallions to be running with mares or there will be an overpopulation of horses.

    But their end should not be on a plate in a foreign country. Period.

  11. Dala Carver

    I know this is a old story but hope people keep awareness. I saved a beautiful horse from being shot because she was 22. I have had her for 2 years and she is such a wonderful horse. Looks 7 and loves attention. I am moving out of state and couldnt find anywhere to put her there and no trailer to move her and had a week to be moved. Now 24, I thought it would be impossible to find a life long home for her. Point is in 12 hours on craigslist I found a wonderful home for her. It takes so little time and effort to save a horses life. There are many more emails of people that just want a horse to spoil. I’ve checked them all out and they are legit. BLM spent more money on running them ragged, than proper placement management. Lets keep the subject going and spreading.