The Idaho Senate approved a joint memorial urging Congress to give states more leeway in dealing with horse slaughter and the problem of surplus horses.  The Senate passed the memorial, sponsored by Sen. Bert Brackett, R-Rogerson, on a voice vote.  Brackett said on the Senate floor that uncared for surplus horses are a growing problem in Idaho.  The memorial to Congress now moves to the Idaho House of Representatives

Read’s story on the joint memorial here.

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  1. Frustrated in Texas

    Why do we expect honesty from our politicians? This isn’t about unwanted horses or horse welfare. This is a politician’s attempt to pass legislation to allow their friends/contributers to cash in on the agony of horses. In this day and age, how can these lies be allowed to continue?

  2. Sick of lies to benefit big business


  3. Sick of lies to benefit big business


  4. Sick of lies to benefit big business


  5. Sick of lies to benefit big business


  6. Sick of lies to benefit big business


  7. I hate to be the one to say it, but the worst things that have happened to the U.S. horse market has been the closing of the slaughter houses. There is just no hope for some horses with terminal illness and injury. Not every person who owns (and very much loves) horses can afford to spend thousands of dollars on surgery that may not save the horses life. With the economy slowing down the way it has been there are plenty of people out there that may have been perfectly able to care for there horses until they got laid off; then they really could have used that (for lack of more tactful ways to phrase it) dollar-a-pound to pay their rent/ morgage for another month or two, or even put food on the table for their children. So tell me, who is the truely cruel person, someone who is willing to watch their horses starve to death in the pasture or a stall and let there feet grow to completely inhumane lengths, or turn them lose on public lands getting the same result ( starvation, hampered mobility, and not being able to defend themselves), or those who would prefer them to meet a quick end and know that they would not suffer? There are too many farms breeding and not enough people able to keep there horses. Rescue farms are over loaded and under funded, so unless you have the money to start your own rescue or at least adopt instead of buy you have no room to talk about there not being a need for slaughter houses.

  8. Before the HEALTHY and VIBRANT horses are rounded up for slaughter, the politicians who support slaughter are thinking about how much money they are getting for their fancy cars, fancy homes, etc. just by killing/MURDERING these magestic animals, and for what??? HORSE MEAT? How can they sleep at night? What do they tell their children, who would hate them for killing these horses needlessly? They lie, cheat and think that it’s ok. Well it’s not. And soon, all this deception is going to hit the fan and bring all of them to their knees, begging their supporters for forgiveness, for all the lies.
    How many horses have to die before they wake up and see what they are doing ? Their actions put them right in the same arena as pedifiles and murderers. The horses will have their voice, and the evil politicans will have their day in court.

  9. Hey McKenzie…
    How about human euthanasia instead of dumb asses LETTING their horses starve?
    Slaughter is NOT a “quick end” to a horses life if you have done any research on the subject.
    Horses do NOT go unconscious from the first, second or THIRD bolt to their heads!
    They are VERY aware and terrified as they are hung from one leg and their throats are slit! They do not “die” as a cow would in these circumstances. Higher intelligence perhaps and the will to fight to survive mostly.
    Don’t give anyone the crap about a few more mortgage payments or food on the table. Horse meat is cents on the pound. Figure that on an average 1100 pound animal. NOT MUCH!
    That “person” selling to a feed lot is given a bunch a bullshit a couple bucks and the kill buyer makes the profit from the people buying the meat.
    (Sorry to offend ANYONE… but truth must be told here!)
    I’m all for EUTHANASIA if need be.. Horse slaughter is inhumane, unfathomable and NOT for the America I was taught to respect.
    No disrespect to you Mc.. but get your facts straight before you go on about something you know NOTHING about.
    Tell me you’d send one of your horses to slaughter, (if you DO have any?) now? NOT a pretty picture… Check out a few YouTube videos on horse slaughter… Bet’cha you won’t watch all the way through.
    It’s time the AMERICAN PEOPLE stood up against “our” corrupt Government, the people WE pay to “run” our Country and say NO!
    WE pay THEM and THEY in turn just do what they damn well please.
    I, for one am NOT pleased.

  10. It’s no fricken wonder! You go to this Bert Brackett(Idaho Rep.)and
    there you will find that this YAHOO is the Chief cook, and bottlewasher, for the Cattlemen’s Association! That’s like asking the BLM to govern itself!!!We need to write to: Idaho’s House of Representatives.Tell them that this business of removing free range horses,has to be stopped. The people who removed these horses,need to be the ones to foot the medical bills, and they also need to be the ones to find good and proper homes for these horses! They never should have been allowed to remove them in the first place. They hurt no one. They do not cause damage! The cattle cause more damage than the horses do!These politicians need to be told, exactly what we want! Ask everyone you know to hound these politicians with emails, and letters! ASK EVERYONE! WRITE,WRITE,WRITE!, and when your done writing to them write to Obama. He needs to listen to what is happening here.STOP THE SLAUGHTER OF THE INNOCENT!!!!!

  11. All of you idiots need to educate yourselves! There is no quick fix to this issue. There will always be neglected horses no matter if there is slaughter houses or not… And how many of you idiots can proudly say your vegetarian? I am, and I’m still on the fence about this issue. All we can do as responsible horse owners is watch what we do and do the best we can. Not breed our horses and keep our horses for the rest of their lives… But how many of us can afford to do that if we loose a job? And if any of you had any common sense it would be much better to have a Slaughter house here then in another country, which is where our horse are going now… And Pamela Smith, you really need to educate yourself! The BLM is at a loss just like the rest of us. They are stuck between Animal rights activist and over grazing horses in the wild. Would you prefer those horses to be released and let die from starvation? Because that is what will happen without the BLM! EDUCATE YOURSELF before blaming a bunch of people with their hands tied because of a bunch of over zealous animal rights activist like all of you. Bravo McKenzie for not being one of the many sheep and thinking for yourself! Read this article and maybe you’ll all be a little more educated and find a real solution!–international-implications-2.aspx

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  13. I euthanized a horse in November. It cost $256, not thousands. It was worth it for a 32 year old horse who had given so much joy to die humanely, not through a slaughter house, which no horse deserves, healthy or unhealthy. I’m not a wealthy person, but I would never ever send a horse to slaughter, or let it starve. If I can’t afford to have a horse, a dog, or even human children, I don’t get them in the first place! This is absolutely disgusting! The head bolt is not a humane death for a horse!

  14. I totally agree slaughter is NOT the answer. In fact slaughter is an Incentive for irresponsible breeders to keep on breeding with no restrictions or obligations toward a life. I say jail them lock them up and make every Over Breeder Association pay for the rescues to operate. Not one of these Organizations set or even donate to rescues. Horse slaughter will soon be abolished. The EU has now realize that there Must be a 90 quarantine for horses to be processed due to the drugs in horses. Also recently Italy’s Government is now seriously considering Banning Horsemeat. Plus horse meat sales are on a down fall by 12%. Soon any idiot pushing for horse slaughter in the US will be the BIGGEST Idiot of them all. For more info visit

  15. For one thing, no one is talking about slaughtering mustangs–this bill pertains to privately owned horses. There is separate legislation that prevents mustangs from going to slaughter. Horses are livestock, they are private property, and the captive bolt gun method has been approved as humane by the AVMA and AAEP. There is a flood of excess horses, and a ready market for horse meat. Histrionics and Hidalgo worship should not play a part.

    Some people find it disgusting to eat horse meat, and some people feel the same way about lima beans. Just because one person chooses not to eat it does not give them the right to tell others what they can and cannot eat.

  16. Jessica,
    Amazing to see how self rightious you are! Calling people idiots?
    I think we’re all just trying to come up with a way to be HUMANE!
    Not a single horse I’ve seen come in from a BLM roundup has been “starving”. In fact, they look fat and in amazing shape!
    Educate your self. You’re one of millions paying the BLM millions to roundup and keep Mustangs in holding pens, when they should be wild and nature should be taking it’s course, like it should be, IN THE WILD!
    Glad you have deep pockets and can sleep with yourself at night.
    Have a seat next to McKenzie and watch a few slaughter tapes. Hell, have cookies & milk while you watch; then, imagine YOUR HORSE dangling from one leg, still alive and THINKING….
    Sending happy thoughts your way and sweet dreams!

  17. Jessica it is you who needs to be educated, tunnel vision won’t work here. I will give you a few sites to visit and encourage anyone who loves horses to do so too and . Dont get Slaughter and Humane Euthenasia confused they are in no way shape or form the same thing. Also google horse slaughter videos, I am willing to bet you wont watch the first one to the end, that is if you love horses or any animal for that matter. The BLM is corrupt and hires people with felony convictions and charges to carry our their roundups for them and they pay them MILLIONS of OUR taxpaying dollars to round the mustangs up from land that is LEGALLY theirs and using our MONEY to do it andthen keep them penned in “holding facilities”. The recent Nevada roundups are perfect examples of the BLM at it’s “best”. They are only concerned with their own pocket books and believe me all involved are raking it in hand over fist. Weeks after this roundup which a Judge advised them against carrying out there are still horses dying as a result of being chased by helicopters over frozen volcanic terrain for miles, run into pens, pushed through a squeeze chute to “process” them, separated from their family groups and trucked off to holding facilities. Did you know there are over 30 000 mustangs in BLM “facilities” and this is a conservative number? I could go on at more length but encourage youto visit the sites I listed where you will find anything you need to know, lots of links on these sites and by the time you are finished then I would like to know what your opinion is?

  18. Becky The AVMA and the AAEP are paid puppets for the slaughter world.. They took an Oath to protect animals and have failed over and over.. Do your own research you will find that the Own USDA (FOIA) clearly shows the condition horses arrived at plants yet before there arrival they were at Auctions that have paid puppet vets that are getting paid. instead of proscuting them for violations against animals they sold the horse to be hauled for long hours without food and water. Geez Lets haul you around like that and call it humane..
    Shame on the AVMA and the AAEP

  19. The propaganda machine keeps burning! While those that support horse slaughter keep lying and cheating!

    See the real truth and documentation on the brutal trade of horse slaughter___

  20. I hate to say it, but horse slaughter still exists.
    Horses with terminal illness have no business going into the human food chain. With the new EU regulations effective July 31, 2010 these injured and ill horses will be stuck in feedlots for a minimum six months. This is humane? This is a quick death? When my horse went down, I could not afford the vet bills to even have her diagnosed, so I did the best thing I could… I had her humanely euthanized. This happened less than a mile from a kill auction and only 2 hours from a slaughter house. It did not even cross my mind to turn her into horsemeat for human consumption… because that is what slaughter is. It’s no more euthanasia for a horse than it is a cow… it’s to meet a demand for horsemeat and that is it. In Canada horses are going for between 20 to 59 cents per pound. Not sure who is getting paid $1 / pound. It sure isn’t the horsemeat farmer. At this very moment, somewhere, someone is letting their cat / dog / horse / cow / goat / budgie / goldfish / iguana / sheep or whatever starve and suffer. Shelters, rescues and slaughter houses have never prevented this, nor will they ever in the future. Some people are just cruel and irresponsible. Considering that both the U.S. and Canadian governments have allowed the slaughter of an animal not raised for human consumption, that contains PROHIBITED drugs, I don’t understand why there isn’t a huge outcry. Pro-slaughter is ok with feeding toxic meat to humans… as long as they get a couple hundred dollars for their culls? Really?? Where are the lawyers?

  21. First, THANK YOU Lori! You said what everyone needs to know, and much better than I was doing! ;o)
    Becky, Becky, Becky…
    Please DO NOT be fooled like so many others.
    MY Mustangs, YOUR Mustangs, OUR MUSTANGS are going to SLAUGHTER! The ones they don’t put up for adoption for one reason or another, (which the BLM “decides”), are NOT freeze branded and are sent off to Mexico or Canada!
    They “belong” to ALL of US including YOU!
    WE pay taxes on the land that they SHOULD be living on!
    Can you honestly belive that half a MILLION acres of land that was set aside in 1971 cannot sustain these animals?!
    The cattle industry is taking over OUR public lands and the BLM is in it up to their necks! (What I mean by that is thier pockets are being tucked full of money to do this, along with the “people” who fly the helicopters….)
    Palms are getting “greased” with “blood money” and OUR Mustangs are paying the price!
    Please don’t be fooled that the BLM is doing the right thing here.
    They are NOT.
    I suggest you go, as Lori posted above, to the Cloud Foundation and read. Then read some more, and then some MORE!
    I’m not being snide here, I just feel. like so many others that the public needs educated about Mustangs before saying there are too many!
    I too, believed the BLM was doing what was right for the Mustangs when I adopted my two AMAZING Boys… Now I know better.
    My heart breaks for them knowing what they have been through when they were three years old.
    My heart breaks for each and every Mustang that has died during the Calico roundup and for the foals that will never know life.
    I Thank God everyday that I have my Mustangs, and they have a forever home. Most will not.
    Issues with others that over breed need to be regulated… HA! Maybe by the BLM!
    Horses are NOT throw-away items. Mustangs or registered breeds or just “back yard ponies”.
    We are supposed to be the intelligent ones. Goodness knows we are not acting like it when a Government can do this to our AMERICAN ICON OF FREEDOM!
    Just think about it.

  22. Why is it that killing is the only answer for man?? Man has caused this excess of horses because he and he alone is responsible for the horses being alive.Either thru careless breeding or thinking money was to be made,how silly!! Until we are willing to look in the mirror and see the guilty party looking back at us, the easy way out is to yell for slaughter houses to open to take care of our irresponsibility

  23. Joey,

    So it’s ok to slaughter animals that our FDA calls companion animals like dogs and cats, and our FDA says that horses are given drugs that are not allowed in food animals. Our USDA has been stamping tainted horsemeat for human consumption for four decades, now they’ve been caught, this is why the EU has now stepped in and said NO to horses unless they have a medical record from the time they’re born and have not received any illegal for human consumption drugs, or are kept for six months to clear most drugs, and when the EU start their regulations and testing July 31st many American horses will be turned away. Kill buyers are facing huge costs that they may not want to deal with. So what is your answer to your just let anyone slaughter companion animals and sell their possible tainted meat to unsuspecting foreigners. Are you smarter than the EU? And what about the horse blood and tissue which causes major problems in water systems, horse blood is different than cow blood, Cavel’s state of the art blood tank couldn’t handle the mess and caused major problems in Dekalb, when they closed they had $75,000 in unpaid fines, the foreigners left for MX and Can. And why did the USDA import over 7,000 horses for slaughter in 07 if we have so many unwanted horses??? It’s a supply and demand predatory business, and you really need to do some research on horse slaughter and the foreigners who operate these horse slaughterhouses. Now Dallas Crown Kaufman Tx, claimed profits of 5 million in 2000, and they paid $5.00 in taxes, how much did you pay?? They also operated by American taxpayers money, our gov gave them subsidities. I feel that anyone that supports this predatory business is UnAmerican! Oh you act like you didn’t know that horse slaughter is alive and well, if you have a horse you want to dump just take it to an auction and the kill buyers will buy him or her and send them to slaughter for you. Get it!

  24. Joey, I think you just contradicted yourself. The horses at the BLM do look amazingly well, because they have been managing the herds. That’s the point I made to the comment above about them keeping mustang population down in the wild to ensure that they get adequate food. Lori, I looked at those article BRIEFLY and I’m wondering what they have to do with the ban on Slaughter? I’ll dig a little deeper I guess. I’m also wondering how reliable that website is? I’m pretty skeptical about most websites both for and against horse slaughter or BLM issues just because they all tend to be biased. I want real facts! And the fact is we have way more horses then we can handle. There are money hungry people all over this country and horses and dogs and many other animals are suffering. But before we completely take away all our rights as American citizens and horse owners, we need to analyze all the facts, both good and bad and come up with a solution. For those of you who think I’m such an evil person, I’m sorry you feel that way. I’m trying to do my part. I have 8 horses, 3 dogs and 4 cats. I’ve rescued many of animals and that’s the reason I have so many. I don’t have a never ending pocketbook, I just live without all the other extras. I have more horses than I can handle and yet I won’t let them go because I don’t want them to be hanging by their leg as Joey so vividly put it. I’ve rescued half of them, and the other half I can actually ride…The fact is, there are so many people out there that wouldn’t do that. So what can we do to fix that? Humanely Euthanize these horses? Where do we put them? And how can we cut the costs to make it easier for horse owners? A friends horse died this winter of colic and she paid $500 just to have the horse hauled off, that’s not counting the vet bill. I’m sure it varies from place to place. But that is a whole pay check for some people… If those Slaughter houses were A LOT MORE humane to the animals, the outcome is still the same so we shouldn’t dismiss it completely. And what makes a horse any different then a cow? They are both animals, they both breath, eat grass… Ban one, ban them all completely! And maybe I shouldn’t have called everyone idiots, it just irks me that so many people just think there is one answer to this and there’s not! We can’t expect or demand that everyone be just like us, or even be able to afford it with the cost of vet bills. There needs to be a long term solution for everyone.

  25. This is bad news for our Horses!!

  26. Well I am begging for punishment but here is my two cents.
    How many know that horses are still stolen in the US to “Make a quick buck”? How many of those stolen horses end up at the slaughter house. How many think that there horse is invenceable to theft? I don’t think mine are. Even micro chipped and branded they are easy targets.
    I for fun looked at a house on the Nevada range. 300 beautiful acres of land. The kicker. four hundred extra acres of grazing rights to BLM property to set up a nice cattle ranch. Cows can be included in the price. Who is running this puppet show? Surely not us Americans who pay BLM or any of the other organizations. I am all for breeding restrictions on horses. Only so many foals born a year. Ok so there goes our over population of AQHA horses down the drain. Wait that is right AQHA is all for slaughter because as long as the membership fees put money in there pockets who cares.
    Ahh then you have selective breeders. Lets breed my beautiful Cremello Stallion to a chestnut mare and get a Cremello foal. Opps foal turned out palomino. Off to slaughter it goes My stallion only throws Cremellos no bad colored foals allowed.
    Oh darn then you have other color breeders. Oh lets breed my 90% apotted appy mare to my 100% quarter horse stallion an get a spotted foal. Darn foal is not spotted. Appys can not varnish out or anything you know. Off it goes.
    Darn BLM says over a million acres of land is not enough land to support out Mustangs. Lets round them up an see who gets adopted. Third strike and lets send it to slaughter.
    My horse is old and I can not sell it. I don’t want to pay a mere $200 to put it down humanly. Off we go again.
    Want some real fun. Look at the meds we put in our horse every year. I have to vaccinate mine every spring. I read the labels. “NOT for use in Animals intended for Human consumption” Dang and I found that on my wormer to we give every six weeks. Who is looking really stupid now? Not me I did my resurch. I keep it up. There is no end to the debate. As long as the big company’s pay the fat pockets more who wins? Us American people have no say in this. Otherwise someone would have torn the BLM to pieces by now. We need to make someone listion to us. Am I vegetarian? Not by any means but my horses won’t have a quick death like a cow will. How do I know? I used to work on a cattle ranch. I had to send nasty tempered, old and some young cows and bulls to the local rendering plant. I talked I learned and I know the methods used for them. They are dead in one blow. Horses are very much alive as there legs are being cut off as well as being hitched up throat slit and hides cut off. Not a death I want for my horses.

  27. All the United States horse slaughterhouses are now closed for a reason…many reasons.

    Pollution of the environment from slaughterhouses…water, seepage into soil. Backup into home plumbing. Odor, screams…people needed to close their windows.

    U.S. taxpayers paying the brunt for FOREIGN run slaughterhouses on American soil.

    Horse slaughter is solely for GREED. Foreign companies make millions for horse flesh for human consumption and pay no taxes. One horse can bring $30,000 to European companies.

    Kill buyers manipulate at auctions…lie to those bringing their horses to auction, hoping to find good homes. Horses are stolen for slaughter.


    The majority of horses slaughtered in the U.S. are conscious, semi-conscious, skinned, butchered alive. Horse slaughter is an assembly line business. Time-is-money.

    The turnover rate is great for workers in a horse slaughterhouse. They cannot bear the cruelty anymore. But sicko sociopaths stay.

    “Surplus horses,” “Unwanted Horses”…catch-all terms used for decades even when the U.S. had horse slaughter.
    Same ole weak manipulation and reasoning to make a few dollars and not be responsible or humane for our horses. You know, “Horses are Disposable.” An easy way to get rid of a horse if the owner does not like the color, personality conflicts, owner gets bored with horse… And same argument used even BEFORE this down-turn in the economy: Starving horses.

    -The major supplier of horses to slaughter is the American Quarter Horse Association (AQHA).
    The largest breeder of horses in America.
    -TB race horses go from the track to the rack on a daily basis.
    -Cattlemen’s Association gets dollars for every horse slaughtered.
    -There are kick-backs to our “beloved” politicians for horses slaughtered. Political contributions
    and “favors” to legislators who support horse slaughter.
    -The AVMA has a vested interest in horse slaughter.

    So please, enough of “surplus horses!” Get real. Horse slaughter is mainly for PROFIT…$$$$

  28. Jessica take my word for it (for what it is worth) both of these sites are run by very credible highly respected people in the horse industry. They are supported by Craig Downer (Environmental specialist), Cheryl Crowe(singer/songwriter), Michael Blake (author and screenplay writer of “Dances with Wolves”), Vigo Mortenssen (SP! the actor in Hidalgo), Madeleine Pickens (wife of multibillionaire), The Equine Welfare Alliance, Habitat for Horses, ISPMB – International Society for the Protection of Mustangs and Burros, in fact too many credible associations to mention. Another blog that you may like to look at is of a fellow photographer who had her own experience with the abuse of the mustangs and in particular .

    The reason I refer to slaughter and the mustangs together is twofold, slaughter is a very real issue and especially amongst the Mustangs. The BLM touts numbers but horses mysteriously disappear during the roundups and the BLM recently resorted to feeling out the “slaughter” option for the 30 000 odd mustangs in holding facilities already. Unfortunately the two go hand in hand, whether wild or domestic, it is not a pretty picture and something I will not support. I support Humane Euthenasia and I have 13 horses, my husband died last year, I have no job and no income but I also refuse to let my horses go to the sale barn because I know where they will end up. I also make many many sacrifices to keep my animals, animals that I take full responsibility for. I really hope you will look at these sites, they are not just people blowing hot air, they are credible and not fanatics, just concerned American citizens who care so deeply for our horses that they have put themselves out there.

    Again I urge you and others to read, it will be a real eye opener I can assure you.

    Another thing, the Mustangs are NOT doing amazingly, just on the Calico roundup, there are high numbers that are not accounted for (where did they disappear to?) and on top of it they are dying daily and aborting unborn foals all caused from the trauma of the roundup. If the BLM have their way ALL of these horses will end up in a slaughter house.

    To compare a cow to a horse is also ludicrous, a cow is dumb enough to stand and be shot with a captive bolt (and there are very strict government controls to make sure it is done properly), a horse will smell the fear terror and blood when it is herded up into the chute where it will fight to keep its head out of the range of the person waiting to stun it with a captive bolt or as they do in Mexico, sever the spinal cord behind the ears to incapacitate it so that they can then eject it out of the chute, string it up by a back leg and cut its throat. They sometimes have to try repeatedly to stun them because they fight back. There are also far stricter controls on the slaughter of cattle etc. the head has to be immobilized, they dont do this with a horse. It sickens me just to write this but people need a wake up call, this is a horrific practice.

  29. I wanted to add on your comment that the BLM Mustangs are doing amazingly that, the Palomino holding facility which is where the Calico horses would have gone (I believe, I stand correted here) was not an option because it was severely infected with Strangles and the place was quarantined. One cause of Strangles is extreme trauma.

  30. Jessica,

    Per our own USDA, go see the documents, 90 % of all meat horses are young and healthy, get it? The foreign elite market doesn’t want to eat old sick animals just like you. Per USDA stats 90+ % of all meat horses are QH or QH type, Get it? Per our FDA horses are companion animals and recieve drugs not allowed in food animals, Get it?

  31. Christina Nevshehir

    Give them all of our taxdollars, welfare and subsidies that they want, run up the deficit all that they want, but do NOT touch one horse!

  32. *sigh*
    I’m not sure you totally understand my stand on horse slaughter.
    I am against it 110%.
    Soooo… Thanks for all the blah, blah, blah.. Oh.. GET IT?

    If a person CHOOSES to own one horse or 10, it is their moral responsibility to take care of that animal.
    If it costs $500 to be rendered, then it does! If the animal needs to be put down because of illness, then do so humanely…
    If it’s a whole paycheck, guess that owner shoulda thought of that before acquiring the animal.

    These are getting a bit like “beating a dead horse”, which I’m totally NOT into.

    If someone wants to eat horseflesh that’s been tainted with ivermectin, guess they won’t have worms or they’ll die?

    It WON’T change my views against slaughter. Joe Kill Buyer can suffer the consequences in his wallet, I’m gonna fight it tooth and nail!

    Thanks for the fun.. And Lori Thank you so much for “backing” me up here on the “nature” of how horses are terrified and are more heinously slaughtered than cattle. (Makes me sick too, to even think of it).

    God Bless

  33. Lori!
    Just wanted to ask, we seem to be in the same “circle” of folks who truly care and want to see our Mustangs taken care of the way they should be…
    I belong to The Cloud Foundation and also a friend of Pam Nickoles.
    I was just wondering if you were on FaceBook? I’ve met so many amazing people there who, like you and I are all for Mustangs and all against slaughter.
    I realize this is a very public forum, but if you feel like it, look me up!
    Joey Westhead on FaceBook
    Take care!

  34. Those of you above who believe in allowing horse slaughter need go to the web pages showing the horses being slaughtered. It is the most inhumane operation I have ever seen in my life and I was raised on a farm where animals were killed for food.
    #1. A horse is not a food animal.
    #2. Bolt after bolt shot at the horses head, half hitting and missing the head, then there are those who take a knife shaped like a ice pick and try to his the spinal cord. Want to know how many times they miss and gouge into the horses back??? GO LOOK and SEE.
    #3. Anyone and I mean ANYONE who owns a horse and cannot care for him any longer can call a rescue and have him picked up.
    He will either be taken care of for the rest of his life or he will be humanely euthanized.

    NO ONE has to sell off horses to slaughter houses. There is no excuse for it.

    Food animals do not have SOLID hooves.

  35. Jeannie Jacobs Parisi

    Joey Joey Joey~Thank you for the reply to MC~I was busting with disgust..You said it all Joey and thank you from the bottom of my HEART..Just read your other replys and JOEY you are right on….I am on facebook, please look me up and request my friendship. We need your voice and all the other people I am friends with will greet you..Thanks for your words

  36. Thank you Lori and Joey. Palomino Valley BLM corrals lost over 100 horses to a Salmonella outbreak! Vet said all wild horses carry the bacteria and STRESS caused them to succumb. Anyone who can watch a video of horse slaughter and still say it is okay, is SUB HUMAN, heartless, soulless and probably brain-dead. You can have the vet inject a horse or you can use a well-placed large caliber bullet to end his life humanely. Slaughter is not humane. See this link to a statement by a former USDA vet/inspector. Horses are skinned and gutted while still CONSCIOUS! *Statement of Dr. Friedlander can be read at

  37. horses deserve better after a life of service and love to people than to die in a slaughter house

  38. Proud to be an idiot.

  39. Social comments and analytics for this post…

    This post was mentioned on Twitter by QHtimes: Idaho Senate approves memorial against federal horse slaughter. Such actions focus on sovereignty of states.

  40. Humanely euthanize your horse if it is sick.

    Slaughter is no way a dignified and peaceful ending for a life of loyalty and companionship.

  41. Why is it that republicans are so pro kill, war and animal deaths but are anti abortion? These are the most screwed up people in our country. Horses are part of our history as other animals. We can’t find Grizzlies except in a few areas. Horses are being round up and killed (no don’t believe the government as these animals die in the round up). Talk about a group that refuses to listen to the people. This is all about money, as usual. All the above make money for a handful of greedy people. You all should be ashamed as you work facts to a lie. This party is in danger of being swallowed up in our country.

  42. Slaughter will never be the answer because it is not humane. The American people have compassion for animals. Humane euthanasia is the answer, but there will always be neglected and abused horses. Horse slaughter will not replace human responsible ownership and conscience. Sadly, abuse and neglect will always be a part of our society, just like domestic violence. It isn’t going to go away. The best we can do is to eliminate slaughter and encourage horse advocacy groups to fund humane euthanasia programs.

  43. Here, here Joey! I couldn’t agree more.

  44. everyone has their thoughts on slaughter of horses.. I for one am a Pro Slaughter.. I know what the Anti’s say.. I know that they say and show the same thing over and over again.. and why? because how can you show something new when there is no new.. oh they might go to another country and find some pictures.. but just because one person says something then oh ya.. its god’s own truth.. sorry don’t buy it… Open slaughter houses for horses again.. make the death of a horse not wasted.. they have been used for food for as long as there has been people.. IF you are a red meat eater… you can not eat better meat.. not only is it better for you… it is great tasting. If you do not want to eat Dobbin then don’t.. but do not tell other people what they can and can not eat.. you do not have that right. And unless you want to care for the 100,000 horses that will not be shipped to slaughter then let the OWNERS of the horses make up their own minds as what they want to do with their own LIVESTOCK.

  45. I am pro slaughter. I feel I have the right to make this choice, as I also have taken in rescue horses, and spend about $18,000 per year of MY money to take care of them. There are just too many horses out there and not enough people willing and able to take them in. It is easy to live in the city-own no land, nor facilities for horses and decide how the rest of us should conduct our lives. I think it should be a last option, but a US slaughter plant should be an option. There are starving horses out there. With this economy, some people do not have the extra $2-300.00 to have a horse put down. There are others who think horses are cheap, so they buy a few, and then figure out they eat a lot of hay, and vaccinations cost money…People need to wake up, this isn’t going to get any better!

  46. Mckenzie says:
    February 22, 2010 at 2:27 pm
    YOU ARE RIGHT! We need to open horse processing palnts and stop the sufferring of the horses we have that are being neglected…..the “bleeding hearts” need to go take care of their lives and keep their nose out of the Equine Industry, that is a bigger wreck than the stock market in its worst hour! Horse Meat is the most nutritious meat you can eat AND we did just that in this country at the Harvard Club in NY in 1993!!!!!!!!! Yes we have and in some places still eat horse meat!!!

  47. How many of you respondents OWN Horses and Buy FEED, TACK, Equipment????? Those products to support a horse program whether for enjoyment or profit…or both keep a lot of folks a JOB…..UNION and Non-UNION!!!!!!!!!!!!!Wake up America..they are food animals…..not puppy dogs!

  48. This is still America the land of the free!!! Those of us that try to make a living raising Livestock so all of you go eat do not try and impose our life stlye on you, so if you don’t want to eat horse don’t, if you want to save them you go to the sale and buy them then feed them, and pay for all there vet. bills and I bet after one year you will be looking for a answer to this issue. And if you think that wild horses are pets you should try go into a corral full of them and pet one it would be your last!! You that appose horse slaughter do care on about the economic impact that this has, because its not you or your family that is impacted, Nobody makes you keep your old SUV you just trade it in even if does go to the junk yard or land fill. maybe you should have to keep it, and maintance it, Licence it, insure it, There is no way you would let this fly ( have any of you seen a horse die of natural causes ? )
    Yes I have look at all the video’s that you people want everybody to see. And you need to be honest and tell everybody the truth. horse slaughter in the USA was much more human than Mexico where most of your propaganda if from.
    I live with horses and love them dearly, we use them most every day on the ranch.

  49. Joey,
    I’m sorry I thought you were McK, I’ll be more careful next time.

  50. Kill all them horses who cares how inhumane it is. There a dumb animal the dumbest of all animals. You act as if there so majestic their a piece of livestock nothing more nothing less. Grow up people, stop trying to fix everything, your the reason this country is in this situation. I’m tired of my tax money paying for these stupid animals. Maybe we should drop all these horses off at you anti slaughter peoples house’s. This is ridiculas i dont see you people trying to save cows or chickens or turkeys or buffalo or pigs. Someone how you think because a horse lets you ride it that it’s majestic come on.

  51. Jim H.Says( Wake up America..they are food animals…..not puppy dogs!)
    Well jim its good you realize the difference between puppy and horse. Now you need to realize there NOT food animals in America. Horse slaughter is not the answer only a reward for irresponsible people.
    Italys own government is now considering banning horsemeat due to the drugs and the abuse and neglect it carries and the people being rewarded for there crimes.
    You seem to fail to speak the truth so as of now every post you post is just more bullcrap..

  52. All you people keep bringing up the point that horse are not a food animal because they are full of drugs. That is the lamest reasons I have heard, there is not one of you pencil pushers that doesn’t run to the doctor every time you get sick and take drugs, alot of which are basically the same as we use on livestock. !!!!! Hypocrites!!!! look at yourself before you pass judgement on others and thier way of life.

    It is abveous that all of you againt slaught do not know _ _ _ _ !!! Give me one real reason why not to slaught horses. Not a lame reason like I their magistic, so are bears and wolves but with out some control they become a problem.

  53. On the horse slaughter issues that are arising now around the country, I ask why everyone believes it’s so bad? Now that all of the old facilities have been closed, and those corporations have moved out of the country, why would it be so horrible to have facilities built again? If you think about it, those facilities were built long before there was any real laws, inspectors, animal cruelty inspectors, etc. that would have been involved in the contracts when they were built. If there was a company that would bring that back into the country do you really believe that anyone would let it go as far as it went before the last ones were closed? Do you think that there wouldn’t be more humane ways of putting the horses down, cleaning the facilities, inspections, wastewater issues, etc that wouldn’t be put into the agreement/contract in the very beginning and also ways that the local magistrate and inspectors can take action for all mishaps and fines that are incurred? There is no way that foreign countries wouldn’t come back to the US for the horse meat because this is the country with all the horses that could ever be wanted.
    I can understand to a point why people are so dead-set against horse slaughter. I have seen the videos; understand what it means to kill such a majestic animal; understand that it’s not just the injured, sick, old that are slaughtered; understand that there are inhumane ways of transportation to the slaughterhouses, etc. But I also understand that there are many things put into place so that there are laws and regulations and inspections for most of those things now so that there are better “eyes on” the issues. I also know that nothing is going to make everyone happy.
    I do feel for the Mayor that wrote the letter to the Montana Senator. I could not imagine having that in my city limits and the fact that they didn’t care at all for the laws of the country or city that they were operating in. Right now, if slaughterhouses were to open again, don’t you think that there would be things in place so that it would NEVER happen like that again? There has to be a way that they can be reopened and controlled.
    I want to bring up another aspect. I live in Texas where the summers are hot and most of the time the winters are mild, some freezing but not a lot of snow or rain. In Montana there is no such thing. People believe that because horses are kind of like cows or other grazing animals that because there is grass on the ground, they should be able to survive. I mean, there is always water flowing in Montana right? There goes the thirst issue. And, there is always grass in Montana right? I mean Montana is mountainous and has lots of grazing so they should be able to fend for themselves, right? Think again… These animals are DOMESTICATED. They have been domesticated for hundreds of years and no longer have the ability to survive on their own. I’m pretty sure that if you turned a horse out in Montana during the summer, that horse would make it pretty well until winter rolls around, all the grass is covered in snow, and the lakes, rivers and streams are frozen. These horses are all used to having the ice broke for them and hay out in the pasture for them to eat. Most of the horses that are released into the wild therefore probably won’t make it through the winter. What a way to die, withering away from starvation and thirst when you know the food is right there but don’t know how to get at it.
    With the economy the way it is right now, and the amount of horses that are in this country, a lot of these animals are becoming neglected. There is just not enough money flow to feed them and keep the mortgage up and the car payment and then the vet bills and farrier bills, etc… I used to be a breeder of FQHR Foundation Quarter Horses but with these times, you can’t sell a horse for half of what you have in it. There is no reason to keep breeding so I keep my mares and stallions separated and try to sell some off when I can. No one wants to pay what they are worth because there are so many horses that no one can use or get rid of.
    I for one think that horse slaughterhouses should be allowed back into the US. I believe that they should be more tightly controlled, inspected, and monitored. I also believe that in this day and age, if an American company opened one, they would reap the benefits of overseas export for the delicacy that is known as horse meat. I slaughter my own cows, goats, chickens, pigs and understand that the less stress that the animals are under, the better the meat comes out. I believe that because they were such a problem in the past, a whole bunch of research was completed on ways to make the process more humane and less messy. There has to be a way for a horse slaughterhouse to come back and lift the heavy burden that the US is in right now with unwanted horses.
    There are only so many rescues, retirement homes, and foster homes that can take unwanted horses, and let me be the first to say, they are the most expensive animal to take care of!
    I don’t know what else the country is going to do with all these horses. I’m sure that there are a lot of unmarked graves in “the back 40” where horses have been shot instead of being abandoned. If there was a way for them to be humanely euthanized and used for human consumption in other countries, so be it. At least they didn’t go to waste and the financial burden is lifted.

  54. I am amazed at people who keep regurgitating the same,lame stuff so I will repeat it again:
    Slaughter plants will lead to more horses being bred and so more horses,not less!
    There is no way to slaughter a horse humanely in whatever country.
    The USDA has published pictures of horses that arrived in slaughter plants here in the US with open wounds,broken legs,legs torn off,head wounds,eye balls hanging out,etc…
    Horse meat is not healthy and can lead to gout plus the medications given to horses are harmful to humans.That’s what it says on the packaging of those medications.I guess for a reason!
    Here in California,horse slaughter and the transport of horses to slaughter are illegal and there are no more neglected or abandoned horses than before this law took effect!
    Most politicians will do whatever they get paid for-in other countries it’s called”bribes”and in this country they call it campaign contribution.Hence-I wouldn’t trust what a politician or government spokes person says….
    Same goes for spokes person of industries!
    What do the people who are advocates of horses get for their efforts and what do people who want slaughter back get for theirs??That tells you where the bias is!

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