[post_thumbnail] Rep. Luke Malek and members of the ‘gang of 16’ announcing support for a state-based insurance exchange.

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  1. What happens WHEN Congress decides to transfer (rob) the medical ObamaCare monies and transfer it to the General Fund and spend the monies on social programs?? LBJ did this with Medicare and Social Security. ObamaCare is a death knell for liberty in America.

  2. I believe that any public form of “managed health care” will leave us all with a bunch of uneducated morons making all our medically-based decisions for us, and that will mean deaths and extremely poor medical care, just like England’s and Canada’s care systems. They are both so bad that their physicians move to this country to make a living and practice real medicine. All we’ll have is expensive doctors who do not take public money at all, and will only treat a person when they are already dying. VOTE NO!!! And THROW THE GANG OF 16 OUT OF OFFICE!! RECALL RECALL RECALL!!!

  3. To the ‘Gang of 16’
    I would like to know just why, before you have come out with your decision to support the health exchange that you have not gone to your respective districts and held town hall meetings to find out JUST how your constituents feel and then lay your vote down.

  4. By the way just in case you can not extract my feelings from the above comment I am “totally against” the health exchange in Idaho

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