An Associated Press story in the Idaho Statesman reports that legislation to provide tax credits for private school scholarships could be introduced in the Idaho Legislature, which convenes in January.

The idea came up during the 2012 session of the Legislature, but largely went unnoticed and the bill died.

The legislation would allow those who donate to private school scholarships to receive a tax credit, the idea being that students with less financial means than others could therefore have access to a private school. Opponents of the idea believe it could result in less money for public schools and might be in conflict with state law banning public support for church-affiliated schools.

Among those supporting consideration of the tax break, according to the story,  is the Idaho Freedom Foundation. is published by the Idaho Freedom Foundation.

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  1. “and might be in conflict with state law banning public support for church-affiliated schools.”

    Giving families a choice and allowing them ot use money allocated as they so choose is not the same thing as funding these schools.

    And these scholarships should, frankly, not be means tested. The issue is school choice–not another handout program.

  2. It’s good to see conservatives remembering an absolute truth about tax deductions: “They’re actually taxpayer contributions that never arrive in government coffers, so they can’t be counted as government dollars,” Hoffman said.
    I’m wondering if you feel the same way when you claim that tax deductions for medical expenses related to abortions are somehow “government tax dollar support of abortions”.

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