The Idaho Press-Tribune in an Associated Press story reports that the Idaho Transportation Department takes in about $5.4 million annually from the sale of motor vehicle records and other personal information. The department says the data is used to research car purchasing habits, deliver recall notices and even find those who don’t pay parking tickets issued by private companies.

A department spokesman said the personal information does not find its way into junk mail and that there are safety checks in place to assure whatever is sold is not abused by the purchaser.


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  1. So, what’s the big deal? They assure us that there are safety checks in place and the info is kept out of junk mail and other intrusive systems. Come on, isn’t it the duty of the state to keep track of folks and make sure they are safe from anything and everything that might be bad for them? And what a great way to raise additional funds over and above what we pay in gas, property, income, sales, and other taxes and fees!? So,what could possibly be wrong with this?
    (Drip, drip, drip….)

  2. G Warner .. i hope you are being sarcastic about the DOT … there is constant inter departmental comparing of data bases … looking for people that rules and regs and stupid bureaucRATS force people under ground, under the raidar, out of the tax system. It is becoming the government against the people … enough .. suggest you look at … Peace and Blessings …

  3. Mr. Harper,
    Don’t worry, the last line of my post refers to an old saw about something “dripping with sarcasm”. Believe me, I’m a full believer in limited intrusion into my life and yours. Sick and tired of being regulated in every aspect of my life and taxed for things I don’t approve of! And to all those out there who always have the comeback of “so you don’t want to pay for roads and police and firemen”, ad nauseum. I’m happy to pay for those infrastructures that I use and need. I simply don’t want to pay into the system that takes from me without my input. Give me back my country and get out of my life!!!
    And peace to you, too!

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