An issue in the state of Idaho over the value and cost of wind energy development has popped  up on the national stage as well concerning the fate of a federal wind energy tax credit, according to an Associated Press story in the Idaho Statesman. has published a number of stories on wind energy in Idaho, including efforts by a state legislator to put in place a two-year moratorium on such projects, the cost of such power to ratepayers and the large amount of federal subsidies and tax credits involved in the program in the Gem State, estimated at $300 million.

The wind energy tax credit is scheduled to expire at the end of the year, according to the story, and will survive only if the Obama administration and the Republicans in Congress agree to an extension or some sort of compromise.


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  1. No more subsidies!!! If alternative energy is so wonderfull let free enterprise work! I urge you to read from Range Magazines (Summer 2012) issue and a letter from Michael S. Coffman, Ph.D. Mr. Coffman is an expert on renewable resources, green energy and environmental concerns. This letter refers a reader to the massive cost of wind energy in several European countries; which are mothballing their wind and solar energy efforts and why. I quote from his letter. “Three years ago I would have agreed with you that our politicians should be able to compromise. And that has more or less been the case in past decades. But in doin th research for my new book(Plundered: How Progressive Ideology Is Destroying America), I was shocked to find out that the progressives on both sides of the aisle were deliberately causing gridlock because they have a worldview that is totally alien to the constitutional republican form of government that we have lived under for the past 230 years. They are deliberately causing instability to bring this nation down and they are very, very close to doing it.” Please, follow the Constitution and restore America to it’s original greatness! Yours in liberty! Tony Sorenson

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