According to a story in the Idaho Statesman, with the wolf population continuing to rise, Montana wildlife officials have tentatively agreed  to loosen some restrictions for hunting them, including trapping.

The wolf population has risen 15 percent in the last year, with gray wolves now reaching over 650 in numbers. The goal for Montana is to get that number down to 425.

Ranchers and hunters have expressed concerns over the growing population due to wolves destroying livestock and wildlife populations.

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  1. … In North America , there’s no record of a healthy Wild Wolf killing or seriously injuring a single person . In fact , Wolves are shy creatures and avoid people if at all possible … Once a Wolf , always a Wolf , that’s why They are keeping Their offsprings healthy to grow up Their amazing population … That’s our Wolves would hope for ….

  2. Meanwhile, the elk population continues to plummet. Beautiful move. Bring in non-native wolves and destroy the elk herds and the money and tranquility they brought our valleys. Say goodbye to all that. Let’s bring in a menace to destroy herds from our ranches, eat our pets, and endanger our children.

    All to bring in a Canadian wolf to all but snuff out the last vestiges of the lonely timber wolf.

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