A new permit being issued by the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) will regulate water runoff created by livestock producers, the Times-News in Twin Falls is reporting.

The EPA doesn’t expect many people to apply for the permit since Idaho laws are actually stricter that this new rule by the EPA. The new EPA rule also forces those who apply and possess the permit to show it publicly.


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  1. Cleaning up waterways fouled by dairy runoff is a huge waster quality issue. Most dairies these days are factory operations and a lot of damage can be done is short order.

    I am pleased to hear Idaho’s requirements are more stringent than the EPA’s. There are generally two standards for these operations and compliance to both is a requirement: Primary is the Federal EPA and Secondary is the Idaho standards. Some states have none or very weak regulations. In this case if the Idaho Standards are met then the Federal EPA are automatically met.

    Water quality for both surface and ground needs to be treated as the lifeblood of everyone and everything. There is only so much water and at some point it will become much more precious than it is today.

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