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Ward announces candidacy for Congress (video only)

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Republican Vaughn Ward declared his candidacy for the 1st Congressional District of Idaho Tuesday in the Rotunda of the Capitol in Boise Tuesday.  Ward was joined by Superintendent of Public Instruction Tom Luna as well as former Idaho Governor Dirk Kempthorne, both of who will serve as Ward's honorary campaign co-chairs.

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  1. Phil

    @ 3:20 “This congress has let us down” I suppose…. but fact is Congress has been letting us down since they abandoned the constitution… no where do they have the authority in education, student or housing loans, healthcare, social security, nation building, on & on… they only are charged only with protecting our rights. How about getting the Federal Gov’t out of Idaho forest, our mines and our agriculture? Sorry…So far… all I hear is typical republican rhetoric in your speech.

  2. Barbara Lovett

    Finally, someone we can trust. Vaughn Ward is the one we NEED to elect. He is a strong leader, an honest man with the integrity we need in Washington.

  3. Dr. & Mrs. Gaylin Lack

    It doesn’t matter what the rhetoric is if it’s right! If you listen, his message “isn’t Republican” it’s about fiscal responsibility & rebuilding our country.
    Vaughn Ward has integrity, which few politicians can boast. He has also proven himself as leader and not afraid to face difficult situations. He has put himself in life-threatening situations for his country and thereby showing his committment to his country and the people he cares about. What more can he do? Let him show us!

  4. Jim Wood

    Bravo, Vaughn. It’s time to shoo Walt Minnick off Nancy Pelosi’s lap and back to private life.

    Vaughn Ward will stand on traditional, common-sense values and the Constitution, that strong foundation of this great nation.

    I’m proud to whole-heartedly support this admirable patriot and veteran in his campaign to represent Idaho in Congress.

  5. Concerned Idahoan

    I’m concerned about his commitment to Idaho. He owns a house in Virginia and rents one in Idaho. Does he plan on leaving us if he loses?