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Deputy AG’s Caribbean junket not taxpayer-funded

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Deputy attorney general Brian Kane is taking some time to enjoy the Caribbean.

Kane, the man assigned to oversee an ethics hearing for state Rep. Phil Hart, R-Athol, is visiting the area to teach a class on - of all things - ethics to fellow attorneys. The trip came to light due to Kane's absence at Hart's latest hearing, which took place Monday at the Capitol in Boise.

A spokesman for the attorney general’s office confirmed that no taxpayer dollars were used to pay for the trip.

Bob Cooper, spokesman for the attorney general's office, explained that travel and accommodation for Kane's venture are being paid for by the National Attorneys General Training and Research Institute (NATRGI), a part of the National Association of Attorney Generals.  Cooper said that more than 40 attorneys from the U.S. Virgin Islands attorney general’s office attended the seminar.

Kane received his regular salary while away from the office, but was using his earned vacation time and was not on state time.

In addition to ethics classes, NATGRI also features forums and seminars on intellectual property rights, depositions and negotiations, civil rights, and computer forensics, among others.

Kane will likely be back on duty at the next hearing for Hart because he has been assigned to give an opinion on the legality of certain aspects of the hearings and will comment on the scope of power allowed to an ethics panel.  Kane phoned-in to Monday’s hearing, but another lawyer from the attorney general’s office attended the meeting in person.

There is no set date for the next hearing in the Hart case.

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Kane taught a class on ethics to fellow attorneys, Kane taught a class on ethics to fellow attorneys
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