Earlier this week, former Republican candidate for governor Rex Rammell was nabbed by a warden for the Idaho Fish and Game Department (IDFG), suspected of illegally killing an elk near Idaho Falls.

IDFG announced Rammell will likely face charges stemming from the incident, but the former gubernatorial candidate Thursday in a letter to supporters that he did nothing wrong.  Rammell also referred to IDFG officials as “Nazis” in the message and said he will fight for more local control of hunting areas.

The agency says that Rammell had a tag for the elk, but that he killed the animal in the wrong zone and that the tag was ultimately expired.  The former candidate was confronted in the Tex Creek hunting zone and IDFG says his tag was for the Middlefork area and that it expired in October.

Here is part of Rammell’s note to supporters, in which he complains about gaming officials taking his elk:

I should have read the rules closer, all 96 pages of them, but I didn’t.  But what really angers me is their “guilty till proven innocent” attitude.   I had an “A” tag that was required to hunt in Tex Creek.  My greatest crime could only be hunting in the wrong zone.   Can that possibly be grounds for confiscation of my elk?  Shouldn’t I have the right to argue my case before being found guilty by a game warden on the trail?  What is it with these Nazis?  Honest mistakes are treated as harshly as blatant violations.  And wouldn’t a suitable fine be sufficient if I actually did break the law by mistake?  Why do they need to take my elk?

I think it is time to turn management of the PEOPLE’S fish and game back to local control by fishermen and hunters at the county level.   After all, they actually know what is going on with the fish and game and would like them to be plentiful.  To that end I will continue to fight.

The agency, in a new release, said Rammell made a “threatening statement” to the official who confronted him about the allegedly illegal kill.  Rammell says it wasn’t a threat, but rather a statement defending his take.  “I said ‘you better get your gun out, because you’re going to have to shoot me if you want this elk,’” wrote the eastern Idaho Republican. “I then explained to him, if he wanted the elk he would need a warrant.”

Rammell wanted the officer to take a picture of the elk, but the official demanded that the dead animal be confiscated as evidence.  After arguing for at least an hour, Rammell finally relented and the game warden, aided by two state troopers, took the elk.

The IDFG news release says Rammell will be charged with illegally killing the elk, though the content of the statement indicates the investigation is ongoing.

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  2. The Fish & Game are Nazis. This country has turned into a totalitarian state. You all must refer to each other as comrade now. Also, the TSA will be setting up roadside checkpoints soon, make sure you call them comrade also. All of these jack booted thugs would do well to remember the Nuremberg trials.

  3. While I would agree that the fish & game officers have probably become to aggressive the law is the law. Based on news stories and personal accounts of friends of mine over the years. Other hunters read the proclamation as to not hunt in the wrong area or time frame of the hunt. I do agree he should have his day in court. Poaching has become a huge deal, and no one is above the law. But I might add to bring your Philadelphia lawyer along to interpret the proclamation hand-book.

  4. Rex Rammell is a pathetic clown.

    His opinion about the Fish & Game Department is useful to the extent that it broadcasts his ignorance, but since he’s already done that so well for so long, coverage of him is simply fodder for the entertainment section.

    Pretty much the whole political spectrum outside of the lunatic fringes recognizes poachers as scum of the earth, with the exception of someone who’s desperate for subsistence.

    Rammell’s desperate, we can see that. But not for elk meat.

  5. Anybody who hunts knows where and when their tag is valid. This guy who runs for Governor and shoots his mouth off at anybody in authority is nothing more or less than Mr. Hart. We do not need them in public office and they should be prosecuted like any of us would be should we decide to break the reasonable rules we live under.

  6. What a bafoon. If you want ot hunt in Idaho Falls why buy a tag for Landmark?
    Well the light was green before it was red I guess so it was ok to drive through it.
    I would bet that if it was a legal harvest the F&G warden would have helped him load it in his Hummer. They are not Nazis, unless you are a moron.

  7. fortboise, very well said. Rex fails to realize, or simply doesn’t care, that his ignorance only creates public relations issues with anti and non hunters in our state. I hope at a minimum they suspend his license.

  8. Anyone who brags about breaking the law and threatens law enforcement officers is not a conservative, just a criminal.

  9. Just wondering, according to Rex, I should be able to hunt wherever and whenever I feel like it? Right? Also, it’s really mature and adult to call people Nazis. Good job Rex.

  10. What would you like Mr. Rammel, special treatment. Every single person who hunts is required to know the laws and abide by the laws. Your tag was expired by a month. Not a couple of days, a full month. I guess every criminal who claims to be innocent should be allowed to keep what they stole. Shooting and animal out of season is nothing more then stealing. Admit your responsibility and do the time. I personally would feel much more supportive of you if you admitted a mistake.

  11. Enough about this dolt Rammel. Good job to the CO that works extra hours without pay, works on family holidays, eats lunch out of a can and does not equivocate about staying on the job overnight when circumstances warrant. All after a minimum of a B.S. degree and signing on to one of the most poorly paid jobs in the nation requiring a college degree. Catching people like Rammel just make it more rewarding.

  12. I’ve heard several people talking about bringing their fish and game regs to Rammells araignment and holding them up for him to see. We’ve had enough of this idiot. He makes all hunters and fisherman look like fools to the public. He needs to know that we DO NOT support his shinanigans! What an idiot.

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