Despite losing by a wide margin at the polls earlier this month, Democrat Keith Allred says he won’t rule out another run for office. In a message to supporters Monday, Allred also explained that he would still like to expand his lobbying group, The Common Interest, in coming years.

Allred was defeated by Republican Gov. Butch Otter by a 59-32 percent margin.  Though he didn’t garner as many votes as he would have liked, Allred says that he is pleased with his campaign and that he could run again.  “Despite the outcome, I have been truly happy with our campaign and honored by the support we received,” wrote Allred.  “I will consider the running again if the circumstances are right.”

He did not indicate what office he might seek if the conditions were to his liking.

Prior to his run for the state’s top job, Allred ran The Common Interest, a group that professed to be about finding center-of-the-road solutions to problems faced by state government.  The Democrat acknowledges that he will likely not be able to lead the group in the near-term because of his affiliation with the Idaho Democratic Party, but he still has high hopes for the project.

“In the near term, it’s not realistic for me to play the roles at The Common Interest that I did previously,” he said.  “In the long term, it remains my goal that by the 250th anniversary of the Declaration of Independence, 16 years from now, The Common Interest will be as effective in all 50 states and at the federal level as it has been in Idaho.”

Allred’s campaign spokesman, Shea Andersen, speaking unofficially for the group, told that Allred would have difficulty working in a bipartisan manner for The Common Interest.  “He has a partisan target squarely on his back at the point,” Andersen said.  ”That would make it difficult to get things done the way he did before the campaign.”

The Eagle Democrat signed on to work with HB Ventures, an organizational management firm, last week.  His company, Allred Solutions, will merge with HB Ventures.  Allred, who taught mediation at several universities, will work as a mediator and consultant in the new firm.

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