It was not a trick, and for two kids in Lewiston, it definitely was not a treat.

Idaho is making national news, but not necessarily in a good way. The Lewiston Tribune reported Friday that two officials from the Idaho State Tax Commission forced the children of Dan and Kami Charais to close a stand in front of their home used to sell pumpkins.  The kids, 4- and 6-years-old, the parents told the paper, were selling the products to raise money for sports and other activities.

The reason for the closure?  An unnamed official with the tax commission said that even a roadside stand is required to obtain proper permits in order to do business in the state.  The agency also said the kids must charge customers sales tax and forward that money onto the state.

Glenn Beck’s news website, The Blaze, put the story on its front page Saturday and within an hour of posting, the tale received 75 comments from readers, with a good majority mocking the staffers of the commission.  Several other news outlets across the nation picked up on the story as well.

The news drew the ire of commentators at the Huckleberries Online, an Idaho news blog hosted by the Spokesman Review.  “It appears that common sense is NOT a job requirement for the Idaho tax commission field rep position,” said Soaf, a blogger on the site.  “You’d think bureaucrats would have some sort of inner antenna that’d tell them when they’re going to get their fingers rapped,” criticized Dave Oliveria, administrator of the site and writer for the paper.

Note: See what the mother, Kami Charais, had to say about the situation with the tax commission here.

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Dustin Hurst serves as the Communication Director for the Idaho Freedom Foundation. He graduated from Boise State in 2009. His work has been featured by Fox News, Townhall, Public Sector Inc., the Daily Caller, Reason, Human Events, the Spokesman Review and more. He and his wonderful wife Julia have two cute kids. The family resides in Middleton.


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  2. Leeches, hacks, and imbecilic drones. But for kicks, let’s do what they say — let’s try going to town hall and get the permit — you’ll deal with the same sort of inbred unionized do-nothings that come from the same moron tree that these tax guys do. The only solution is to start eliminating them at the source.


  3. Which ones are the 4 & 6 year olds again?

  4. I bought a pumpkin from these kids this morning so YOUR ARTICLE IS INCORRECT. They haven’t shut down and aren’t going to until the pumpkins are gone or Oct. 31, whichever comes first. Lol!

  5. And they aren’t selling them on the side of the road! They’re in their own front yard. Jeebs. Where do you get your information?

  6. It’s necessary to understand that all farmer’s markets and roadside stands are required to collect and remit sales tax. It’s called fair and equitable treatment of all retailers. Roadside stands ARE retailers, not matter what the age of the owner/employee. Although Mr. DaBarber seems to think Tax Commission employees are leeches, hacks, imbecilic drones AND moron’s…….those who are selling pumpkins at your local Fred Meyer, Albertsons, and mom and pop markets ARE collecting sales tax from their patrons as the law requires. Should they have closed the childrens stand down? No, they should have located the parents and issued a temporary sellers permit so the children could continue selling the pumpkins. But the pumpkin stand needs to follow the law like everyone else. And just to clarify Mr DaBarber; town hall wouldn’t have the permit….the Tax Commission issues those so you might research before you make those statements.

  7. Whatever! Kids these days need to learn the value of earning a dollar! All they are is a bunch of money grubbing ingrates. h-bent on i-pods and hannah montana and what not. Let them learn.. they aren’t 18 years old so they have no reason to have to pay adult taxes! Also, their parents should not be penalized for trying to teach their kids about money.

  8. Both sides present good arguements but I wonder if these kids are out in the front yard on the side of the road with no supervision and I am tryin to think back on how savvy I was with money at 6 years old. I also wonder if the parents own a farm and how many times they have written off taxes for the farm and or received subsidies.
    Travel around the world and see how many kids are selling things as a business, it’s called good marketing.

  9. I’m surprised these kids weren’t taken to jail: they deserve a fair trial and a quick hanging. Trying to sell pumpkins for pagan rituals should not be condoned by the State.

  10. Well, the sooner our kids realize how much the gov’t reaches into our pockets, the better. Revolution is at the voting booth.
    I say learn em young.

  11. They didn’t like it because they’re scared that the kids will learn how to be capitalist ventures. Liberals don’t like that. They want handouts instead.

  12. Any way for the state to make a buck off of someone trying to do something for themselves. What next, raiding the kid’s kool-aid stands in the summer for a share of the profit.

    “That’s right, kids, for every dollar you make the city takes a share, the state takes a share, oh, and don’t forget the feds, they take the lions’ share of the cut. You’re not exempt, you’re not a corporation, after all.”


  13. Give me a break…..ADULT TAXES?? ADULT TAXESHow about a reality check dude. Teach your kids to obey the laws!!!! This isn’t about paying adult taxes….it’s about obeying the law. Does a kid that goes to the store and buys candy pay “ADULT TAXES”? They pay SALES TAX. Do you even know the difference between sales tax and “INCOME TAX”? i don’t think so. Do you use the highways and interstate? You should know that those “ADULT TAXES” help pay for to maintain those roads. You probably don’t even know the diffence between the IRS and the Tax Commission!!! I wonder if YOU pay “ADULT TAXES”????

  14. Oh, and by the way… isn’t the kids paying the tax. They collect it from their customers. Doesn’t cost the kids a thing to get the permit to collect the “SALES” tax from their customers. Pretty simple too me!!! My kids sold corn from our fields and they had a temporary sellers permit. They learned what was necessary to be in business for themselves and grew up to be law abiding citizens. STOP with the whining already. OBEY THE LAW!!!!!!

  15. Yes, it is time to throw the bums out. How dare they shut down the kids! There is no way that these kids will make enough money to put them into a tax paying income bracket. These bums are ruining the country with their constant assaults on the Constitution, on our liberties, and on our free market economy. We need to shut down excessive, and moronic government, not these kids. I will remember, come November! I vote!


  16. Right, learning the value of a dollar and learning that taxes apply to everyone selling a commodity at the retail level.

    Person A sells pumpkins to People B, C, D and E at a roadside stand; the sale is taxable. The respective age of any of them is completely irrelevant.

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  18. I’m close to the situation. FYI it was “shut down” .they were told “fill out the permit application or have the sign down when I come back in 1 hr”. I was there, she never showed, maybe she saw the crowd and tv people that I had raised and slipped by, quietly going into hiding? Anyway, the supplier of the pumpkins intervened and has a seller’s permit and will pay the sales taxes. So, the stand was opened again, yesterday afternoon. I’m happy to report that business is very brisk and the pumpkins are sold out as of this afternoon. The supplier (the kids’ partner, 50/50) will deliver a few more tomorrow, and that’s the end. This was truly a case of a public employee who wanted to throw her weight around and act like a wannabe cop. Her name is Patricia Gilmore, and I hope the phone of her supervisors never stops ringing. As another footnote, Jacob, the 6 yr old, won a silver medal at his wrestling tournament, today. Since sales were far better than hoped, the family is able to return the $50 scholarship he got for the wrestling, so that another deserving family gets it. Thanks to the folks. No thanks to the liar bureaucrats. The CdA official who said this was only a “educational stop” was covering up their trail. I ask all of you… how long are we going to stand by and allow our tax dollars to go to the inflated salaries, lucrative benefits, unnecessary car expenses and wasted valuable fuel of employees who shouldn’t even be on the payroll if they can’t find something to do that contributes to solving our economic problems, instead of BEING the problem. Really, could you justify you employment if what you did was chase a few dollars from 4 and 6 yr old young adults who are learning valuable self-reliance skills and people skills which will serve then along their way to becomoing good Citizens? This whole incident was an outrage, and the real disgusting part is that in different areas of government, local, state, and federal, this is a common example of how our tax money is spent. Expanding government is killing us in the global economy. I am too old to learn Chinese. Stand up and vote for something other than Obamachange.

  19. So, if I stage a yard sale in my driveway, I need to get a permit and charge sales tax?? Isn’t that essentially what this family was doing, only instead of their unwanted knick-knacks, they were selling produce, probably grown in their own garden? Now, being the pragmatic person that I am, I do not think that this is a bad experience for those kids. They get to see, firsthand, that small business owners have a responsibility to research tax laws that apply to their business before setting up shop. Did the Tax Commission act wrongly, yes, absolutely – I doubt they will collect enough from this tiny opperation to cover the expense of two employees visiting the pumpkin stand. Will this experience squash these kids’ entrepreneurial spirits? I doubt it – since one poster actually said the kids are still out there, selling their pumpkins, and hopefully, the kids have learned to perservere, to stick with soemthing they begin and see it through to the very end, and to not let a little red tape get in the way. I sincerely hope my kids get to learn such valuable lessons, too!

  20. To Phyllis, just so you all know, there was only ONE lady who came to the home, and she came with an “attitude”. Had she been actually acting in a non-threatening educational manner, things would have been different, I’m sure. The wife merely responded that her husband, a disabled Vet, was away at therapy and he’s the one helping the kids do their venture, and she was not comfortable signing anything until she spoke with her husband. That’s when Ms. wannabe cop gave her the ultimatum. There was nothing like have your husband call or visit our office when he returns, nothing like that. Just no permit, no sign! The second employee mentioned is a supervisor in the Coeur d Alene, ID, office and she was trying to do damage control by telling the lie that it was memerly an educational visit, and no action would have been taken. She wanted to claim status like Immigration, which has laws, but doesn’t enforce them. My point is these government officials, not all of them, but some of them abuse their positions at our expense and then lie, even under oath, to cover their tracks. So, you decide.. is their one villian, or two? The sales taxes will be paid. There was never any intent to skirt the law by these good parents. Frankly, they were not aware that a permit was required, or they would have gotten one.

  21. Pardon my typing errors. I too am a disabled vet, with vision challenges and can’t see well to proof-read. I’m at a disadvantage. I hope this will curb any hateful remarks by the liberal elitists who always snarl about a person’s ignorance if there is a typo. We’re not really the rednecks that Idahoans are often branded to be.

  22. The problem with the government in Idaho is that they have a disconnect with the population. Ada county is also known for its lack of common sense when dealing with issues similar to this. Steal a $1 candy bar while you have a pair of scissors in your pocket? That’s a felony requiring prison time for you! It costs more in incarcerate these people than to simply fine them a few hundred bucks and send them on their way.

    I love Idaho, I hate the draconian retards that run things.

  23. I know how the Tax Commission could recoup a little money (sounds like they’re a little hard-up for cash): fire the two jobsworths who decided a 4 and 6 year-old needed a business license. Congratulations morons, you made it onto FARK’s Web page.

  24. @Sue Roberts

    have you ever thought about spirit of the law vs. letter of the law? you should spend some serious time on that concept.

  25. Thats a bunch of crap there kids under the age of ten even so give them a break they were making money for sports so you try to shut them down wow! Don’t let them be active let’s make the whole world lazy!

  26. @ Linsay

    So if someone is selling drugs on the street and happens to go by your childs school play ground….and your first grader buys some pills because they are colorful……should we apply the spirit of the law or the letter of the law?? The law is the law. Do you want your child to learn whats right and wrong? The right thing is to have the proper permit (a sales tax permit). No cost to the kids or the parents. I don’t care what they are using the money for. The law applies to ALL. How about just teaching the kids to do what is required of them if they want to be roadside/front yard retailers. My kids did….why should these kids be treated differently? Because they were using the money for sports instead of college?? GIVE ME A BREAK!!! Be responsible and follow the law.

  27. E-gads! Idaho is making national news! “The Great Pumpkin smash” Whatta cartoon! For the longest time I thought the local government in this area was the top prize winner for the “Bafoonery of the week” award! To my surprise its the State official group going for the honors! The time is now folks, we cant fix stupid but we can vote them out of office. Vote out incumbents, get fresh ideas and leadership once and for all! We are setting ourselves up for a change that we will never be able to recover from if we continue to allow slip shod over paid under the influence of nothing to be in charge of anything that has to do with controlling our lives! If the new voted in cannot do the job, lets fire them and get some one who can do the job, “Government for the people by the people” No more government for the sake of government. VOTE, VOTE,VOTE.

  28. To John Schweiter: Dude, you need to lose the attitude. I was offended by what the Red-State of Idaho’s tax bullies did to those kids, too…So much that I went down and bought a pumpkin! I wasn’t even going to get one this year. I’m a Democrat, an Obama supporter and and Idahoan. Even with all the Republican signs on their fence, I still bought one. I never said a hateful word about their political leanings. You are trying to turn this on Obama when the problem is with the Idaho Republican gov’t. and their laws.

  29. This is an Outrage! These two people need to be fired, lies and more lies. Perfect example of why our government is broke: This incident probably took two employees typing incident reports and making phone calls the entire day. That’s at least $200.00 of tax payer money. She drove a government car, harassed the lady of the house and slithered away after the media arrived…$50.00. Not to mention how many hours will be spend next week in meetings and phone calls to drum up another story for the stupid tax payer to hear. All for how much money from the kids’ extracurricular account…maybe $15 to $20.00 in tax revenue. Tax payer just lost in one day $230.00 to $235.00. Now, go vote these fools out of office!

  30. First start by dumping all the incumbant Republicans.

  31. What’s next? Lemonade stands in the summer?

  32. Sue Robert, you scare me!!! laws are definitely important, but taking them too literally is a very scary concept that led to wars, discrimination and hate.. Laws are also constantly changing and evolving to reflect past mistakes.. Therefore the law does not equal GOOD, which is the law varies from state to state; country to country…. How do you feel about the ethnic segregation laws that existed not even a century ago (if you re racist, then nevermind haha)??? thankfully a lot of ridiculous laws are not enforced because they are ridiculous … and they cost money to change…did you know that in utah a husband is responsible for every criminal act committed by his wife while in his presence??? In Maine, people must bring shotguns to church in the event of a Native American invasion… I doubt anyone actually does that .. and therefore, should everyone who go to church without a shotgun be fined / arrested??!?!?

  33. Move to Vermont, not only will they tax the pumpkin venture, but penalize them for not applying for a permit, fine them for Act 250 violations AND take the kids from the parents and have them raised by social service do gooders. Oh for the love of Pete when will government on all levels be run by the people for the people? For the People. What a concept.

  34. PumpkinPieLadyWooHoo!

    Don, yep…be happy Idunno (aka Idaho) don’t have all them other violations like Vermon t!

  35. Sue Robertson, you win D@#chebag of the Week. People like you are the embodiment of the sterile, cold, crooked machine that is bureaucracy. Gratz on that. Enjoy your cold, joyless life.

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  38. What kind of parents exploit 4 and 6 year olds as props and dodge taxes — the State Inspector is just doing the state’s job.

  39. Children should be able to look to their parents when it comes to obeying the laws — including tax laws. Part of being a responsible, law-abiding citizen includes paying your fair share of taxes, and doing what’s required to run a business — no matter how big or small.

    By the way — it appears that the Dad in this case has had more than a few brushes with the law. Maybe before people start bashing a Tax Commission employee for doing her job, they should do some homework….

  40. And by the way — isn’t it ironic that Butch Otter is making snide comments that Alred is going to “bust church bake sales”; when these laws have been on the books for years, and are being observed under his “leadership”?

  41. Looks like maybe they should be looking into the care of the children. The Dad has an issue with the law. That would explain not co-operating with the Tax Commission employee who was just trying to do her job.

  42. Now I regret having bought a pumpkin from them. Think I’ll return it tomorrow for a full refund. I’ll get back to you on that. Lol.

  43. only gets better as we go. No one mentioned a word or complained about the pumpkin provider getting 50% of the money, he/she must be a real gem. For all you folks going crazy about how much it cost the govt…do you think they don’t otherwise get paid? I would be complaining that they are sitting on their butts doing nothing for their pay. For the disabled vets using that for a sympathy card I’ll show you my scars if you’ll show me yours! Your disabilities have nothing to do with the story and I know guys that get disability for carpal tunnel or for being an alcoholic. This appears to be another knee jerk reaction to inaccurate news and now the whole family and is being drug into it with their past being dug up.
    Smooth move to whomever called it in!!!

  44. welcome to the fourth riech. now show me your papers

  45. Its a sad, sad day indeed when we treat kids like this. I mean serious what do you think they made? Maybe a couple hundred bucks at most. And it a seasonal thing to boot! Not like we are talking about a Pumpkin farm selling 100+ bushels all autumn long to canners and food producers. We are talking about he equvilent of a lemonade stand in the summer! Jeebus M. Crist people. And after reading the posts of “Sue Roberts”, I’m inclined to believe she either A.) Works for the Idaho Tax Comision or some other partision of said office; or B.) Is a direct relative of Patricia Gilmore.

  46. You know what I think, I do think (Tax Commission employees are leeches, hacks, imbecilic drones AND moron’s.) In-till the US looks like its not going to the shiter, I wont buy anything anyone tells me about anything government/state related.

    Pureness an innocence is gone fun 70s show gone, bring in the next HITLER, were more then ready. All we do is sit and argue with BS big words. Words that are connected to the vary essence of things that screw this place up.

    Biggest joke now is (We know from the past?) What past the industrial age is no more then a lifetime thats no past. We haven’t learned nor do we know sh*t about this time were in.

  47. Isn’t pumpkin food so wouldn’t they be exempt from sales tax????!!!!

  48. I thought this was America…does this mean they need a permit to have a yard sale too??

  49. So I guess kool-aid stands are out of the question too>>Idiots…….

  50. @Sue Roberts
    Sounds like you are a hack for the local government bureaucrats who tried to shut down a huge money making enterprise.

    Go get a life

  51. This is the most ridiculous thing I have ever seen. The idiot from the tax commission needs a serious ass chewing. What the hell, let the kids have some fun and make some money. There was something else I was going to say, what was it. Oh yea, Republican state which means those kids do not have a chance.


  53. Check out The Real Hit Squad On youtube for latest “don’t go in Naked” with the IRS Video on the Great Idaho Pumpkin Patch Debacle!

  54. The state of Idaho should be ashamed. The children did not have the cognitive development to understand what taxes were, and I’m sure they still don’t. I found the Mother’s thought on how to pay for her childrens sports activities and teach her children responsibility was brilliant with the way our economy is.

  55. They had hundreds of pumpkins and were selling them by the pound. The kids were just window dressing; there is no way those kids could move all those pumpkins and tally the sales. Shame on the parents! Had the parents wanted to teach their kids to be entrepreneurs, they would have taken them to get the permit and showed them how to be responsible. Now instead of paying for sports involvement they have to pay fines. Idiot parents.

  56. This is a republican state, therefore big business takes out little man or little boys..

    Forget big business and help the little man or little boys.


  57. Wow. It doesn’t take much to get folks worked up on Idaho! To tax or not to tax. At face value, it would seem like the original “Pumpkin Police” detective woke up on the wrong side of bed and needed more fiber. Who knows. Maybe she’s being treated poorly by her boss or maybe she has a family member going through a rough time. Maybe her kids are sick with cancer. Dunno. For whatever reason, she missed the opportunity to be a gracious servant of the county and provide a helpful lesson to some kids. She could have asked more questions (how long are you going to be doing this? how much money are we talking about?). Instead, she copped an attitude and really blew it. She never followed through with her threat (from what I can tell). Maybe she saw the crowd. Maybe she drove away and felt like a total knucklehead but didn’t have the emotional strength to turn around and apologize. And if she did now, nobody would accept it anyway.

    She was quick to judge. She was quick to condemn. She was quick to have an attitude.

    HOWEVER… it would appear that most of the folks commenting have done the same. Who knows. Maybe her boss read her the riot act about this. Maybe she will end up losing her job. It would appear that most folks here would love it if she were fired for making this mistake. Fired for not having the wisdom to use the situation as a teaching moment. But I”m wondering if, instead of looking to have her fired, we should be embracing the teaching moment mentality for her. Rather that skewering her online and demanding her head on a platter, we should practice what we preach. What should she have done with the kids? How SHOULD this have been handled. Let’s take that approach. We can set our own example for the kids. Or we can be just as harsh and uncaring as she was.

    I work at a hospital where couples arrive together and only one goes home. Where parents bring their children to find out they have a brutal disease. Where folks recover only to find out that they have a $100k bill waiting for them.

    I have a neighbor who just returned to duty in Afghanistan. A brother with cancer who can no longer work.

    Folks, there are tragedies in this world. But this isn’t of them. There is NO doubt that there is plenty of foolishness in what happened. But these kids weren’t irreparably damaged. In fact, they learned an important lesson in how NOT to treat people!

    As for Sue Robert… you make a ‘technically correct’ point. But to be honest, you’ve come across like an arrogant legalistic bonehead who can’t recognize the audience and the circunstances and tailor your counterpoint appropriately. Where DO you draw the line? If an older couple on welfare are selling pumpkins to pay for their meds, do we make they get a permit? If there is an adult run stand a mile down the road that’s paying taxes, they might have valid complaint. But to be honest, the context here is pretty clear. This ‘appears to be’ the equivalent of a roadside lemonade stand. And that’s why most folks don’t seem to like you much right now.

    I’m reminded of the old verse “Let him who is without sin throw the first stone”. You don’t have to be a Christian to appreciate the value of that mentality. We could all be a bit more gracious.

    As for the government? It does seem to be a bit over the top lately! So, we vote. But let’s vote FOR things, not just AGAINST things… lest we replace one group of idiots with another!

    Have a great night folks! And you two kids… get a good job. Pay your taxes, and keep Social Security funded long enough for me to get a little of it with the time comes!!!

  58. To the “Great Pumpkin”…If I came across as an arrogant legalistic bonehead, I do apologize. That was never my intent. My intent was to express the facts. And the facts are that this incident was blown way out of proportion. Just to clarify…the kids were not at home at the time of the visit. The stand was not shut down. They were asked to acquire a permit which is asked of all retailers. Pumpkin stands, lemonade stands, taco vendors, farmers market, fruit stands, etc. And to answer you question about an elderly couple selling pumpkins….. collecting sales tax does not affect the money they make from their pumpkin sales. It’s something that we as consumers pay. I would gladly purchase a pumpkin from them and pay my 6% sales tax. Based on the pictures of the pumpkin patch, there were a lot more pumpkins there than a 4 and 6 year old could haul. There is more to the story. I would suggest to everyone, that they consider getting the “whole story” before they make degrading comments. Everyone seems to be so judgemental when it comes to government employees with no understanding of how difficult their job really is. Try walking in their shoes for a few miles before you start shooting. I stand with my values and belief that you abide by the law.

  59. @ Charles Salzmann…..maybe you should lose your “Wholly than Thou” attitude dude. Who are you to make degrading comments about someone you don’t even know? Try looking in the mirror first before you start slinging mud. Have a great evening!!

  60. @ Sue Robert: Understood. And as I suggested, you may be technically correct. And I wondered the same thing. The article seemed to be a bit weak on the details. What did seem to come across is that the person was somewhat (very?) abrasive when it wasn’t necessary. Personally, I think THAT is what tended to drive the passionate responses. And when passions get that high, it’s hard to refocus the discussion. THAT is where I was suggesting you missed the mark. And that’s just my humble opinion. Doesn’t make it true. No worries. As I said previously, this is a small issue to me. I’m sure the kids are fine and the family will get their 15-minutes of fame over it (which is fine with me). The tax lady will probably lose her job, which seems a bit harsh for a mistake (geez, if we’re going to start firing people whenever they make a mistake… unemployment will jump to 99% by Friday). I’m more than willing to give the tax gal a break for having a really bad day. Who knows what’s going on in her life. I’m sure it will never happen again with her.
    Sorry to see some of the personal assaults directed towards you. Unnecessary. Life is short. Treat people well.
    Go and do good…

  61. Yeh, Big Brother is watching everything now a days, You have to vote for people who will respect our values and rights that we grew up with and not todays wacky world of cut throat politics and money grabbing local governments…

  62. @The Great Pumpkin says:

    How does your hospital experience have any bearing on commentary about government control freaks who think they can regulate everything from birth to death? People dying is much more acceptable to me than a ass wipe with a badge harassing a couple of toddlers. Dying is normal obsessivley controlling what people do and think is not.

  63. No good revenuers.

  64. What the heck is this world coming too?

  65. So, not even the simplest jobs can sustain the weight of Obama’s control. What a picture of American commerce as a whole.

    Vote the lib-tards out on Nov 2!

  66. @ Ed Edwards: My point was simply that this is a relatively small issue for folks to get so up in arms about. I’m sure the tax gal was just as much a control freak BEFORE Obama. It wasn’t like the Dem’s came around and told all government workers to be jerks on a power trip. I was in construction for years. The people in the permits and inspections department are some SERIOUS power freaks (they make this gal look like “Miss Congeniality”). They’ve been that way for 40 years. We could vote in an entire congress of conservatives… and there would still be idiots without a ton of oversight who think they can muscle people around. And it’s not just ‘government’ employees who are power freaks. Bill collectors. Health Insurance companies. Phone companies. They all have their share of idiots working for them. The point was that idiocy isn’t rooted in political ideology.

    Anyway, wasn’t trying to get anyone more worked up. I was simply suggesting that the media tends to take relatively harmless (albeit insane) incidents like this and get folks all worked up about them. As for working at a hospital… you’re mistaken. Death is not a natural part of life that we should just accept. And I’m hard pressed to believe you could find the strength to say that to the parents of a dying child. Or to the woman who was hit by a stray bullet while sitting at a red-light or beaten to the brink by an a-hole husband. Personally, I’d rather deal with the obnoxious tax lady. And you may note that I was clear that it was just my opinion. As I said, I didn’t see any irreparable harm done here that couldn’t be addressed with a suspension or whatever.

    Now, all that said… I still say “Vote the bums out”… but there will still be idiots on power trips…

  67. In “little house on the prarie” emma could have sold a pumpkin and no tax man would bother her.

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  69. […] See “Tax collector tries to squash Idaho pumpkin stand” and “Idaho makes national news shutting down roadside pumpkin stand.” […]

  70. I have to add my two cents to this story. I know Patty Gilmore and she is a verocious, mean, antagonizing, self-serving, hippocritcial, egotistical junk yard dog of a tax commission employee.

    DO NOT PITTY HER!! This is her everyday M.O., she deserves everything she gets, because I believe you reap what you sow.

    After working with Patty over the years I can tell you that she is one of the worst examples of a State employee, and personally I hope she looses her job. She continually sets a bad example of what a true “public servant” is supposed to be as an agent of the government.

  71. What has happened to this country? Our children cant have a pumpkin stand or lemonade stand? Seriously people!!! No its not people its the politicians and the government. What a crock. That is downright shameful!!!!

  72. I’ve dealt with Idaho bureaucrats before. The story sounds very familliar. Don’t do business there unless you absolutely have to.

  73. Thanks MSN for bringing the rest of the country into this debate 45 days after it happened.

    To comment on the “kid” business that has gotten so many up in arms. A lemonade stand or a yard sale is up for a few hours and then down. These parents have pulled the wool over many who have posted comments. This is their business and not the kids. Does anyone believe the children have the ability of weighing pumpkins, calculating total price, and then handling the money exchange? I work to pay for my children’s sports, but I have to first pay taxes on the money I make.

    Zoning laws are meant to protect business owners who have paid for a nice facility for others to shop. They also, protect neighbors from having to be inconvenienced by increased traffic in a residential neighborhood where people are trying to have daily yard sales.

    The sales tax law is meant to benefit everyone. If the parents of these children think the money from the sale of a few pumpkins should be tax exempt, than the same should be true for all other small businesses. AND if everything is sales tax exempt, who is going to pay for the education of these poor kids.

    Get a life. If you want to have a business, play by the rules. Your kids are not running that stand, you are!

  74. They wanted a 6 and 4 year old to get a permit to sell pumpkins? This is just some government idiot’s attempt to destroy what little creativity and responsibility todays kids have. It’s not the parents’ fault either,most sane people don’t think the government is going to go to court over some kids’ pumpkin stand when there is so much more they COULD be doing.

    As if we needed another reason to despise government officials…

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