Federal funds can pop up just about anywhere

October 01, 2014 Austin Hill

Nearly seven months after Gov. Butch Otter's executive order requiring agencies of his executive branch to account for federal funds they receive and to prepare for a possible cutback in…

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Grocery tax: Bujak would eliminate it; Balukoff maybe; Otter won’t comment

September 25, 2014 Austin Hill

Democrat nominee A.J. Balukoff and Libertarian candidate John Bujak have declared their respective positions on eliminating the state's tax on groceries, while incumbent Republican Gov. Butch Otter has declined to…

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AG Wasden outlines challenges in state taking over control of federal lands

September 23, 2014 Austin Hill

The quest for state control of Idaho's otherwise federally controlled lands has received additional momentum, this time coming from one of the state's top elected officials. Idaho Attorney General Lawrence…

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Some want Idaho to shift prison costs to federal government

September 22, 2014 Dustin Hurst

Governments around Idaho will soon look to the feds to save money on trial and prison costs under a special arrangement with the U.S. Attorney’s Office. Proponents say the agreement, which…

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Accounting for all federal funds in Idaho schools not an easy task

September 19, 2014 Austin Hill

In the aftermath of last month's decision by the Idaho Department of Education (IDOE) to voluntarily comply with an executive order issued by Gov. Butch Otter, new details have emerged…

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Another Medicaid complication: Loss of Medicare funds due to Obamacare

September 18, 2014 Austin Hill

As recently as last month many health care industry experts were predicting that if the Medicaid program is not expanded, hospitals in the Gem State would lose $500 million in…

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Pension board eliminates rate hikes, boosts some payouts by 4 percent

September 16, 2014 Dustin Hurst

Governments at all levels will face lower-than-expected retirement costs through the next few years after the state’s pension board decided against increases in the amount cities and counties pay for…

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PERSI frees up $7.7 million for cities and fire districts with pension payment reduction

September 16, 2014 Dustin Hurst

Cities and fire districts had a huge weight lifted from their shoulders Tuesday after the state’s pension oversight board voted to reduce the amount those entities pay for some firefighters’…

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Idaho lawmakers question need for BSU football stadium metal detectors

September 10, 2014 Dustin Hurst

Two Idaho lawmakers want Boise State University to explain why it installed metal detectors at each entrance of the school’s football stadium. Rep. Robert Anderst, R-Nampa, told IdahoReporter.com Tuesday that…

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Idaho Medicaid roster expansion figures vary from 103,000 to 150,000

September 09, 2014 Austin Hill

The estimates that Gem State analysts have offered as to how many new recipients an expanded Medicaid program might attract have been moving downward during the past 18 months, despite…

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